Tenses 1) I’m busy at the moment. ~ on the computer. a) I work b) I’m work c) I’m working d) I working 2) My friend ~ the answer to the question. a) is know b) know c) knowing d) knows 3) I think I’ll buy these shoes. ~ really well. a) They fit b) They have fit c) They’re fitting d) They were fitting 4) Where ~ the car? a) did you park b) did you parked c) parked you d) you parked 5) At nine o’clock yesterday morning we ~ for the bus. a) wait b) waiting c) was waiting d) were waiting 6) When I looked round the door, the baby ~ quietly. a) is sleeping b) slept c) was sleeping d) were sleeping 7) Here’s my report. it at last. a) I finish b) I finished c) I’m finished d) I’ve finished 8) I’ve ~ made some coffee. It’s in the kitchen. a) ever b) just c) never d) yet 9) We ~ to Ireland for our holidays last year. a) goes b) going c) have gone d) went 10) Robert ~ ill for three weeks. He’s still in hospital. a) had been b) has been c) is d) was 11) My arms are aching now because ~ since two o’clock. a) I’m swimming b) I swam c) I swim d) I’ve been swimming 12) I’m very tired. ~ over four hundred miles today. a) I drive b) I’m driving c) I had been driving d) I’ve driven 13) When Martin ~ the car, he took it out for a drive. ) had repaired b) has repaired c) repaired d) was repairing 14) Janet was out of breath because ~ a) she’d been running b) she did run c) she’s been running d) she’s run 15) Don’t worry. I ~ be here to help you. a) not b) will c) willn’t d) won’t 16) Our friends ~ meet us at the airport tonight. a) are b) are going to c) go to d) will be to 17) ~ a party next Saturday. We’ve sent out the invitations. a) We had b) We have c) We’ll have d) We’re having 18) I’ll tell Anna all the news when ~ her. a) I’ll see b) I’m going to see c) I see d) I shall see 19) At this time tomorrow ~ over the Atlantic. ) we flying b) we’ll be flying c) we’ll fly d) we to fly 20) Where’s Robert? ~ a shower? a) Does he have b) Has he c) Has he got d) Is he having 21) I ~ like that coat. It’s really nice. a) am b) do c) very d) yes Questions, negatives and answers 22) What’s the weather like in Canada? How often ~ there? a) does it snow b) does it snows c) snow it d) snows it 23) Which team ~ the game? a) did it win b) did they win c) won d) won it 24) What did you leave the meeting early ~? – I didn’t feel very well. a) away b) because c) for d) like 25) Unfortunately the driver ~ the red light. ) didn’t saw b) didn’t see c) no saw d) saw not 26) You haven’t eaten your pudding. ~ it? a) Are you no want b) Do you no want c) Don’t want you d) Don’t you want 27) I really enjoyed the disco. It was great, ~? a) is it b) isn’t it c) was it d) wasn’t it 28) Are we going the right way? – I think ~. a) indeed b) it c) so d) yes Modal verbs 29) The chemist’s was open, so luckily I ~ buy some aspirin. a) can b) can’t c) did can d) was able to 30) Susan has to work very hard. I ~ do her job, I’m sure. a) can’t b) couldn’t c) don’t d) shouldn’t 31) We had a party last night. ~ spend all morning clearing up the mess. ) I must have b) I’ve been to c) I’ve had to d) I’ve must 32) There was no one else at the box office. I ~ in a queue. a) didn’t need to wait b) mustn’t wait c) needn’t have waited d) needn’t wait 33) ~ I carry that bag for you? – Oh, thank you. a) Do b) Should c) Will d) Would 34) I’ve lost the key. I ought ~ it in a safe place. a) that I put b) to be putting c) to have put d) to putting Passive 35) We can’t go along here because the road is ~. a) been repaired b) being repaired c) repair d) repaired 36) The story I’ve just read ~ Agatha Christie. a) was written b) was written by ) was written from d) wrote 37) Some film stars ~ be difficult to work with. a) are said b) are said to c) say d) say to 38) I’m going to go out and ~. a) have cut my hair b) have my hair cut c) let my hair cut d) my hair be cut Infinitive and Gerund 39) The driver was arrested for failing ~ an accident. a) of report b) report c) reporting d) to report 40) Someone suggested ~ for a walk. a) go b) going c) of going d) to go 41) I can remember ~ voices in the middle of the night. a) hear b) heard c) hearing d) to hear 42) The police wants ~ anything suspicious. a) that we report b) us reporting ) us to report d) we report 43) We weren’t sure ~ or just walk in. a) should knock b) to knock c) whether knock d) whether to knock 44) It was too cold ~ outside. a) for the guests eating b) for the guests to eat c) that the guests should eat d) that the guests eat 45) Did you congratulate Tessa ~ her exam? a) of passing b) on passing c) passing d) to pass 46) I didn’t like it in the city at first. But now ~ here. a) I got used to live b) I’m used to living c) I used to live d) I used to living 47) They raised the money simply ~ for it. It was easy. a) asking b) by asking c) of asking d) with asking 8) As we walked past, we saw Nigel ~ his car. a) in washing b) to wash c) wash d) washing Nouns and articles 49) I need to buy ~. a) a bread b) a loaf bread c) a loaf of bread d) breads 50) My father is not only the town mayor, he runs ~ too. a) a business b) a piece of business c) business d) some business 51) The ~ produced at our factory in Scotland. a) good are b) good is c) goods are d) goods is 52) I’m looking for ~ to cut this string. a) a pair scissors b) a scissor c) a scissors d) some scissors 53) I was watching TV at home when suddenly ~ rang. a) a doorbell b) an doorbell c) doorbell ) the doorbell 54) I’ve always liked ~. a) Chinese food b) food of China c) some food of China d) the Chinese food 55) In England most children go ~ at the age of five. a) school b) to school c) to some schools d) to the school 56) We haven’t had a holiday for ~ time. a) a so long b) so a long c) such a long d) such long 57) Our friends have a house in ~. a) a West London b) the West London c) West London d) West of London Miscellaneous 58) It’s so boring here. Nothing ever happens in ~ place. a) that b) these c) this d) those 59) Is that my key, or is it ~? a) the yours b) the your’s c) your d) yours 0) Adrian takes no interest in clothes. He’ll wear ~. a) a thing b) anything c) something d) thing 61) There’s ~ use in complaining. They probably won’t do anything about it. a) a few b) a little c) few d) little 62) I don’t want to buy any of these books. I’ve got ~. a) all b) all them c) everything d) them all Pronouns 63) Let’s stop and have a coffee. ~ a cafe over there, look! a) Is b) It’s c) Them d) There’s 64) Everyone in the group shook hands with ~. a) each other b) one other c) one the other d) themselves 65) The washing-machine has broken down again. I think we should get ~. ) a new b) a new one c) new d) new one 66) All the guests were dancing. ~ having a good time. a) All were b) Every was c) Everyone was d) Someone were Adjectives and adverbs 67) The house was ~ building. a) a nice old stone b) a nice stone old c) a stone old nice d) an old nice stone 68) The government is doing nothing to help ~. a) poor b) the poor c) the poors d) the poor ones 69) The young man seems very ~. a) sensible b) sensiblely c) sensibley d) sensibly 70) I ~ missed the bus. I was only just in time to catch it. a) mostly b) near c) nearest d) nearly . 71) This detailed map is ~ the atlas. ) more useful as b) more useful than c) usefuller as d) usefuller than 72) This place gets ~ crowded with tourists every summer. a) always more b) crowded and more c) from more to more d) more and more 73) Yes, I have got the report. ~ it. a) I just am reading b) I’m just reading c) I’m reading just d) Just I’m reading 74) I’ve read this paragraph three times, and I ~ understand it. a) can’t still b) can’t yet c) still can’t d) yet can’t 75) Sorry, we regret what happened ~. a) a bit b) much c) very d) very much Prepositions 76) The village is ~ Sheffield. It’s only six miles away. ) along b) by c) near d) next 77) You can see the details ~ the computer screen. a) at b) by c) in d) on 78) I’ve got a meeting ~ Thursday afternoon. a) at b) in c) on d) to 79) We’ve lived in this flat ~ five years. a) ago b) already c) for d) since 80) This car is ~ if you’re interested in buying it. a) for sale b) in sale c) on sale d) to sell 81) Polly wants to cycle round the world. She’s really keen ~ the idea. a) about b) for c) on d) with 82) I prefer dogs ~ cats. I hate cats. a) from b) before c) than d) to 83) My father used the money he won to set ~ his own company. a) forward b) on c) out d) up 4) Don’t go too fast. I can’t keep ~ you. a) on to b) on with c) up to d) up with Reported speech 85) Someone ~ the tickets are free. a) said me b) said me that c) told me d) told to me 86) Last week Justin said “I’ll do it tomorrow. ” He said he would do it ~. a) the following day b) the previous day c) tomorrow d) yesterday 87) I don’t know why Nancy didn’t go to the meeting. She said she ~ definitely going. a) be b) is c) was d) would 88) The librarian asked us ~ so much noise. a) don’t make b) not make c) not making d) not to make Relative clauses 89) What’s the name of the man ~ gave us a lift? ) he b) what c) which d) who 90) What was that notice ~? a) at that you were looking b) you were looking at c) you were looking at it d) which you were looking 91) Susan is the woman ~ husband is in hospital. a) her b) hers the c) whose d) whose the 92) York, ~ last year, is a nice old city. a) I visited b) that I visited c) which I visited d) whom I visited 93) The accident was seen by some people ~ at a bus stop. a) waited b) waiting c) were waiting d) who waiting Conditional sentences and wishes 94) If I ~ my passport, I’ll be in trouble. a) lose b) will lose c) lost d) would lose 95) I haven’t got a ticket.

If ~ one, I could get in. a) I’d have b) I had c) I have d) I’ve got 96) If the bus to the airport hadn’t been so late, we ~ the plane. a) caught b) had caught c) would catch d) would have caught 97) If only people ~ keep sending me bills! a) don’t b) shouldn’t c) weren’t d) wouldn’t Linking words 98) I just had to take the dog out ~ of the awful weather. a) although b) despite c) even though d) in spite 99) Anna put the electric fire on ~ warm. a) for getting b) in order get c) so she gets d) to get 100) ~ I didn’t feel well, I went to school. a) Because b) Nevertheless c) And d) Although