Name: |Date: 3-11-13 | |Graded Assignment Unit Test, Part 2: Frankenstein Answer each question using complete sentences. Answer Questions 1 and 2 with responses of no less than one paragraph. Answer Questions 3 with a response of no less than three paragraphs. (15 points) |Score | | | 1. Explain Mary Shelley’s use of reoccurring ideas (motif) in Frankenstein and provide at least two examples of this reoccurring image or idea from the text.

Answer: -The women in the story were passive and suffered silently, like Justine who was executed for a crime she didn’t commit. Also abortion, Victor aborts his act of creating the female monster. (15 points) |Score | | | 2. What does duality mean? What examples from the text can you give as examples of duality? What do these examples say about the nature of human life in general? Answer: Duality is the state of quality of being two or in two parts.

The monster shows duality in his ability to have and show love for others, and wanting for people to love him too. The flip side to that is his hatred for himself and wanting to destroy his creator for making him. (25 points) |Score | | | 3. Think about some of the characteristics (are they smart, dumb, tall, short, loud, quiet, funny, caring? ) of the 2 main characters in this story: Victor Frankenstein and his monster. How are these 2 characters similar?

How are they different? Which of these two characters do you have compassion for the most? Why? Please give examples (quotes) from the novel. Answer: Victor and his monster are alike because they both share a dislike for each other, and the monster. Victor and his monster are both alone. They are different, because victor was raised by his family who loved him, while the monster was brought to life and basically abandoned by his creator who didn’t love him. |Your Score |___ of 55 |