Gomez Expository Essay Security is an Important Part of My Life In today’s society, crime rates have sky rocketed compared to years past. The recession has much to do with laws being broken. People are out of work and getting desperate to ensure their survival. Houses are getting broken in to; people are getting cars stolen more than they have in the past. In an attempt to thwart would-be burglars and theft, I make sure the personal security of my family is covered.

Security has been used in conjunction with finances, business ventures and materials. I view security as a greater and deeper meaning, one that requires me to be prepared to protect my family. I will not rely on local law enforcement as the sole protectors of my wife and children or our belongings. Police are understaffed in nearly all departments across the state, and are not able to be in every neighborhood at once. Therefore, the responsibility to provide security for my home falls on me. Protection from crime begins with simple steps.

I have ensured that all of the locks on my home are deadbolts and are operational. The gates to my yard all have locks to slow would-be burglars. The backyard, with the exception of the grill, has no items of value lying around. Valuables out of view are a deterrent to theft. To keep curiosity down, all windows have blinds that keep people from looking into the house to scope out our belongings. The blinds are only opened if I or my wife is home. My vehicles are both in the garage every night, along with the alarms of both cars activated.

One of the more important tools providing security is our home security system. The alarm program allows us to activate the system while we are away, and in the event someone gets inside the house without knowing the code, an audible alarm sounds. The system will also contact law enforcement if the alarms are activated. Deterrents are a big proponent in providing personal security. When deterrents fail, the biggest tool I possess in protecting my family is my firearms and the willingness to use them if necessary.

I have ensured I am comfortable and capable to handle the weapons I possess. I have also made sure my wife is equally capable in handling my guns. I have obtained a concealed carry weapon permit allowing me to carry a concealed gun during the day so I can protect myself and my family from car theft or assaulted. While at home, my weapons are locked in a safe to keep them secure from my kids, and burglars, should they make it that far. Before I go to bed, I secure a hand gun in my night stand in case an intruder breaks in at night.

Through the deterrents and my firearms, security for my family is greater than that of the average family. Security is being prepared and proactive in protecting what is mine. Some may say I have gone to excess or overboard, but security is the responsibility of every person. I will not make it easy for someone to burglarize my home take from me what I have worked hard for, and take what I love. Security in my life is taken seriously, and is not mistaken for financial or business security. Protecting my family and our home is security.