The two essays that I chose to read were "Setting the Table" and "Cochlear Implants". What characteristics make these essays expository? Both of the two essays I have read show facts and evidence to support their topics. The information was presented in a fair and non-biased manner. The facts given were clearly used to support a concept in "Setting the Table", and the evidence used in "Cochlear Implants" about deafness, was to support facts.

The type of organization used for "Setting the Table" was the informative process.An expository essay developed by the informative process is a "how to" essay. The author wrote the essay in a step-by-step process giving information a piece at a time in its proper order. Time Order was used as the type of organization in the essay "Cochlear Implants". This type of expository essay uses sequential or chronological organization of information from one period to another.

This type of organization arranges information according to date or specific time.I believe that the informative process was the best way to describe and deliver information in the essay "Setting the Table". I believe that the time order organization process was chosen by the author because there was information that needed to be given from different times. I think that the organization type of topic could have been used for either of the essays. Using the topic organization type for "Setting the Table" would have been just as effective in giving factual information.Using the topic type of organization for "Cochlear Implants" would have been informative and very interesting if presented this way.

The similarities that I have found in the two essays are that they are both descriptive. They are both delivered in a very clear and understandable way. Both of the essays that I read were very informative. The differences I found in the two essays were that one was describing a very personal topic. The other essay was describing in detail how to do something step-by-step.