Rabbi Loew
invents the Golen, and artificial man made out of clay
created the first mechanical calculator
Wolfgang von Kempelen
invented fake chess playing machine, The Turk
The Turk.

.. then

Deep BlueWatson
Karel Kapek
coins the word robot
Alan Turing
Proposes Turing Test(Test to see if talking to a computer or person)Broke Nazi code
John McCarthy
coins a phrase "artificial intelligence"
Joseph Weizenbaum
creates ELIZA one of the earliest chatterbots
the robot combines movement, perception and problem solving
Herb Simon wins Nobel Prize
Brings legitimacy to Artificial Intelligence
"autonomous land vehicle in a neural network"precursor to google car
1997 event:
Deep Blue defeats Garry KasparovRussian Grand Master lost in chess to deep blue
AI is generally thought to be TWO
A robot which acts, feels, and functions like a human beingA software which has human-like (although 'cold') intelligence
Current Applications AI
Learning SoftwareRoboticsRecognition Software
Traditional SWLearning SW
Traditional SW does what it is toldLearning SW learns new ways to do things
Recognition Software types and name
VoiceEyePalmBiometric Device
Negative of AI
privacy and false hits
Three rules of robotics
A robot shall never harm a human beingA robot shall obey a human being (if not contradictory with one)A robot shall protect itself (if not contradictory with one or two)
man and machine
Superhuman (ubermensch F. Nietzsche)
Over time man will evolve into a superior race
Hardest task in a robot
Recognizing a facerecognizing an emotion
Who does AI
Computer SciencePsychLinguisticsPhilosophy
We are moving from the age of scientific discovery to the age of
Scientific Mastering
Computer Technology powers double every
18 months
80s 90sNow
We are moving from being creators of machine intelligence to creators of
intelligent machines
Narrow AI
Programs that replace a specific human taskCruise ControlAssembly Line
The key for the future of robots is that they display
What does Alto compare AI to
A loaded gun
What are the doctors at Cleveland Clinic doing
deep brain stimulation
Nickname for deep brain stimulation
Brain Pacemaker
Deep Brain Stimulation is used to treat
Parkinson's, DepressionIn the FutureAlzeihmers
Assistive Device for deep brain stimulation
Functional MRI
First country to establish robotic laws
when computing power exceeds man's thinking power
Ray Kurzweil
Coined Phrase singularity