Alan M. Turning created the first robot Colossus, to aid the Allies during World WarII.
For psychologists, artificial intelligence provides insights into natural intelligence and the workings of the human brain.
The most powerful supercomputers can exceed the human brain's ability to perform parallel processing.
Artificial intelligence researchers restrict the domain of their programs so that problems are small enough to understand and solve.
Natural-language communication is a favorite area of AI research because natural language technology grew out of Alife research.
A knowledge base commonly represents knowledge in the form of if-then rules.
It's easier for a computer to recognize printed English than to understand spoken English.
Most artificial life research is based on neural networks.
Most modern robots have output sensors that enable them to modify their actions.
Some AI researchers think that humans will be able to make a machine that is smarter than humans are.
What did Alan Turing propose as a way to answer the question "Can computers think?"
The imitation game, later called the Turing test
Why did early efforts in AI focus on playing checkers?
It's easier to represent the "world" of a checker game inside the memory of acomputer.
Which of these AI techniques is used in applications today?
All of the above
Which of the following defines syntax?
The set of rules for constructing sentences from words
Which statement about machine translation is true?
Many programs use a statistics-based approach based on a huge number ofexamples of correct and incorrect translations.
Natural-language processing
Is a necessary component of Alife
What does a complete expert system include?
A knowledge base
Which of these techonologies is used in question-answering machines such as IBM'squiz-show-playing Watson?
All of the above
Image analysis
Is a form of pattern recognition
What does the field of pattern recognition include?
All of the above
The technological singularity predicted by Vernor Vinge and others
Has been proved by AI researchers to be impossible.
Which techniques are used in pattern recognition?
All of the above
Which of these is not true?
Neural nets use a rule-based approach to recognize patterns
Which is the most significant difference between a robot and other computers?
Its input and output peripherals are different.
Which of these statements is true?
Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum was shocked to discover that peoplecredited his simple conversational program ELIZA, with genuine human understanding