People nowadays are using cellphones more than they use to, especially the ones with internet connection and amazing applications because they tend to stay in touch with family, friends or use those features found in their mobile phones that allow them to fulfill their daily need. These ones became more than a communication tool because of all their components that have been added these last five years. The reason why cellphone usually called smartphones, are so popular is evidently because of all the exciting features they bring to people such as, high graphic game, camera, an improved internet connection (4Glte).

There are those people who like watching their shows on their phones, they can play video game by connecting their phones to another device, and it is possible now to shop or pay bills online, to watch video and text at the same time, to use a GPS trough their phones ,to even answer a call without touching the phone. Mobile phones are becoming the most important thing in every one’s life. Everybody should carry it just because it is useful, it just depends on what kind of need you have.

There are a lot of things that people has discovered in their phones, which allow them to do their daily task in with their phones, it is just amazing. All of those things that cellphone can do make itself very popular. I really think many people consider their phones as the most important thing in their life, because of the technological advances brought by them. As I stated in the previous lines, cellphones are popular because of what they bring to people, especially because of their accessibility.