“What would Jesus do?” That was the question that still haunted Jasper Chase today and five years later after leaving the small town of Raymond. While sitting at the little cafe, he remembered a time in his life when a preacher, Henry Maxwell, asked for people to make a pledge that for one year, before everything they did to ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?”, and to live their lives based on that question.

Jasper Chase took this pledge and with tears in his eyes he remembered the pain of abandoning it. With his head in his hands he noticed a young woman sitting down in the back of the church and she had a concerned look in her face. She then stood up and made her way over to him. “Sir, is there anything I can do to help?” As he looked up, the first thing he noticed was her smile, it was so sweet like she truly was wanting to help.

She then began to witness to him about the love of God and how her church was having revival and she would love for him to come. Jasper knew that their was something real about this young lady who introduced herself as Deborah. The next evening Jasper shoved up at the small church, full of excited people smiling, looking as though they were the happiest people in the world and he knew that God was speaking to him.

He went to the lady again with a smile on his face and said, “Miss, what you said the other day had such an impact on me that whenever God deals with my heart again, whether it’s this service or not, I will give my heart to the Lord.” He then knew that he needed Christ to come in his life and save him. The woman talked to Jasper Chase for a while and helped him understand about Christ and how God loves him and gave His life to see him saved so that he could be in Heaven.

After about an hour of talking, Jasper decided to give his heart to the Lord and as soon as he accepted Christ he thought about all those wrong novels he had written and he knew they displeased God. After he gave his heart to God he began to devote all his time to writing Christian novels that could help people who were having troubles or trials. Doing these things pleased God very much and this helped him to grow closer to Christ.

Jasper Chase went and talked to that woman who helped him named Deborah and they began to talk and started dating each other later. When after about a year passed, they decided to get married and live the rest of their lives together as a Christian family.

They determined to abide by the pledge “What would Jesus do?” for all their married life. They kept that pledge as though it was a promise to God and no matter what happened in life they would always ask that question in everything they did. Years later Jasper Chase and his wife, Deborah, had children and Jasper prayed about doing more work for the Lord.

God told him to keep on writing Christian novels and include in those novels Scripture verses and God’s plan for Salvation. After a few months of writing and sending novels all over the nation to men, women, and children he began receiving calls from people who received Christ as their Saviour and some called to talk to Jasper about their troubles in life, and he was able to help lead some of them to the Lord. Jasper Chase and his family were so proud of the work that was being done because they believed that this is exactly “What Jesus Would Do.”