There are Good and Bad Things About Being on a Team It’s the last game of the soccer season. The oval is filled with screaming fans. Cheerleaders are screaming to encourage you more! Just need that last point so the home team can win against the visitors. You’re severing, the pressure is just overwhelming, and sweat is dripping down from your head like someone has left the tap open. You get the ball and kick it… its perfect! You’re team wins the game. All the fans are shouting your name and automatically you become the new hero of the team.

Being on an organised team can be a great experience for you, but there is also a downside that all of us should be aware of. Team sports can provide a wonderful ride to fitness, but they also can take a road to injuries. With a team sport you don’t have to plan for an exercise, you automatically do it because it’s a part of your daily schedule. With regular games and practice you maintain healthy lifestyle.

The best part of it is that you can have fun while you’re being fit. Playing soccer with friends can certainly beat jogging alone.For me it would! Sure with the constant running and practicing you increase the chances of getting hurt. If you jog one too many lap or if you aren’t looking when someone passes you the ball, you could sprain you ankle, which can lead to sitting of the game for the rest of the season. Aside from the physical reward and challenges of a team sport, think about the value of the team spirit.

Remember, however, that when successful team members bond with each other less successful team members can feel left out.The point here is that all you people on the team share a common interest. You can all become very close. In whether it’s talking about the ref at last week’s game or fighting about who’s going to bring a snack to practice. You’ll become the best of best friends with each other and feel like a huge family.

It’s especially a big relief when someone on the other team makes fun of you and your team mates/family bond together and confronts the other person on the other team.But then think about it there is always someone that is going to be left out. Maybe it’s one of the quite people on your team that is kind of nervous to speak up. They won’t share that same good time that you are having with the others. They might be ones who get whispered about in the locker rooms or maybe the ones who get left out from the parties.

It really hurts to be left out from an experience that is supposed to be fun. Yeah yeah, apart from the fun there is also the exhilaration of winning, but on’t forget “for every teams victory, there is another teams loss. ”Playing in a team can be exciting at games, when the whole gym’s full of fans supporting your team. And also there’s nothing better than winning, but hey you can’t win the entire time aye? Let’s just that you were about to kick the ball and you kicked it to the wrong person, which meant that they won. No one in the school will hesitate to tell you that you missed the easiest shot in the game and that your whole team was playing a floppy game.

The least that could happen after the loss of the game is letdowns of losing the game. I think that team sports are definitely worth the challenge. Yes, you can get injured at times but hey you at least get a work out too! And yeah, you get that feeling of being excluded if you don’t play well as others, and you will definitely know how it feels to lose. But on the other hand, being aprt of a team member, you can work towards team spirit for all! “After all when teams reach out to include each other, they won the most important game of all”