Education is the key to sucess for people all over the world. A good education hinges on good teachers. However, many people are now decrying the declining quality of teachers in school. There are too many reports about inappropriate behavior by teacher, such as bribery,physical and sexual abuse. In order to improve the quality of teachers, they shoupd be evaluated not only by the heads of schools, but also by their pupils and peers. It is to ensure a better evaluation of their character amd quality of teaching.

Some of evaluation by peers are principals of schools canoot possibly know each and every teacher in the school well. Evaluation of teachers by principals alone cannot be very accurate. There is a possibility of victimsation if the principals is the only one to evaluate the teachers. The other teachers in the staff room would know the teachers. Peers will be better at evaluating a teacher's character, work ethics and morals, interpersonal skills and even mental health. Such evaluation from the peers will be necessary to prevent any untoword incidences involving the teachers.

The evaluation by pupils are students will be better at evaluating a teacher's quality of teaching. They should be the focus of the whole education system. They are the ones who can truly judge a teacher's to import knowledge. It will determine if they can or cannot understand the lesson. A knowledgeable teacher who is incapable of connecting woth students will not be an effective teacher. Pupils are the best judge of the teacher's knowledge of the subject matter. Students nowadays are very knowledge themselves because of the internet.

Pupils will be good at judging the delivery of lesson. It is especially on teacher's voice, volume, eye contact and rapport. Puoils are the ones who can judge whether a teacher's interested in thier welfare. They are also the only ones who can vouch for the efficiency of a teacher in grading work. Becaise there are so many pupils evaluating each teacher, there will be no possibility of victimisation or unfairness.

In conclusion, a better evaluation system will ensure a more accurate assessment of the performance of teacher. There will be an improvement in the overall quality of teachers.