Topic of my choice: Should teachers encourage students to question everything I believe that teachers should encourage students to question everything, because schools are the place where students’ characters and personalities are developed and to find answers to satisfy students’ curiosity. First, teachers should not only give student core information and basic knowledge to students, rather they must make the students understand the lesson clearly. For instance, in Economics class, some students know about the balance of payment disequilibrium theory.

However, they may not have a clear idea how to implement the theory in a real import export transaction. It is important for the teacher to encourage students to question them and explain the theory clearly. The teachers should not rush when explaining something and they should check if the students really get what he or she taught because I believe that understanding is more important than just knowing things. Secondly, in the case that in education and science, many false theories that people and even scientists believe that it is true.

For instance, for decades people believed the geocentric theories that the stars, the sun, and planets revolved around Earth each day, making Earth the center of that system. However, of course sun is the center of the solar system. If those astronomers did not question what everyone, believe of the theory, the discovery of real theory would not have happened until today. Since this thing can be wrong, teachers should help student how to ask question to them to test the theory. Lastly, it is essential for student’s preparation for life.

When students are welcomed to question things, it will build self-confidence in students, which is important for them to interact with their colleagues and superior in their office and for presentation in front of the public. Besides, when students are out of the school, they have no one to guide them to make a judgment on what they find. False belief can cause devastating mistake in life. I think questioning is better than just believing and accepting blindly things. In conclusion, encouraging students to ask teacher is essential because learning process can be triggered by curiosity.