According to the book I have a combination of three styles of online learning that fit me the closest: The Rule-Enhanced Learner, The Structurally-Enhanced Learner, and The Individualistic Learner. The characteristics for a Rule-Enhanced learner that closely describes me are that I enjoy working on my own, pursuing my special interests and that periodic, focused communication is preferred. Along with these characteristics are that I enjoy learning by doing things and I respond well to direction and guidance; which describes the Structurally-Enhanced Learner in me.

The online learning style that I most identify with is the Individualist Learner. I am most comfortable working alone, I like to think I have good research skills, special interests really capture my full attention and I do believe I have a natural talent in technical matters. While reading over the learning environments, I found that I identified with several of them and would work well in all of them. There are two in particular that I would choose if I had to.

Those being a flexible learning environment and internalized learning environments. I enjoy reading and listening to the presentations. These are easier for me to follow in that I can go back and re-read or rewind something that I missed. I also enjoy individualized study, being able to study in a way that benefits how I learn, instead of being fit into someone else’s box. Experimental learning, trial and error, loose organization are all great things I enjoy about the flexible learning environment.

I love that I can take the time to research something online without having to wait for the class to be over, by then I would have forgotten what I wanted to research. For example, I was able to take the Jung Typology Test and confirmed that I am in fact an INFT personality something that I will need to incorporate is a more regulated learning approach and make sure that I am focusing on details and step-by-step approaches to my course work. God already knows my path. He knows all the twists and turns that it will take.

Whether it be in my home life or educational life. Every aspect of my life is already planned out; and he believes in me! This gives me great strength in moving forward with school, even when it gets tough. This week our entire family has been sick with fevers and coughs. I wasn’t able to stick to the homework schedule I had laid out, but I am finally feeling better and have the energy to push through the weekend to get the work done. I know that God will, and has, given me the strength to get this done. He knows my plan, I just need to listen to him and follow.