For this case study assignment, I will be writing about what Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic (VARK) learning style or styles I have and how it relates to two different learning theories.

I will also be discussing how my identified VARK learning style or styles will affect my online educational pursuit. ? After taking the Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic VARK questionnaire study, I found based upon the answers to the questions I was asked, I was deemed to have a multimodal learning style.Scores of 5 for Aural (hearing), 5 for Read/Write, 5 for Kinesthetic (physical activity), and only 1 for Visual which I found to be strange because I am or so I thought was more of a visual type learner after spending 20 years in the Army. After researching the differences between the types of learning styles I would have to agree with the type I was selected for. Being a multimodal learner, which seems to be the majority of the learning population, I will be able to incorporate the different learning styles to genuinely understand what is being taught, remember what is being taught, and actually learn what is being taught.

As a multimodal learner, I can combine Aural and Kinesthetic learning styles to associate a better understanding of what’s being taught. Really I have multiple choices and various combinations of learning styles at my disposal to help me understand, process, memorize information and materials to better solve problems or equations. Seems like a win, win situation to me. So now that I know what my learning style is, let’s see how it can relate to the learning theories out there.

Let me start with the Behaviorism theory.This theory was essentially the first documented and well known of the theories due to the famous Pavlov dog experiment which established or assumes that the learner responds to environmental stimuli. Behaviorism learners are shaped by positive and negative reinforcement and feed back which in turn would increase the possibility of an event happening again. If you were to incorporate negative reinforcement than it would decrease the possibility of an event happening again.In essence, Behaviorism learning tasks require a low degree of processing (sounds good to me) and associated with frequent behavioral responses (Positive feedback/reinforcement).

I am a simple minded man who loves positive feedback and reinforcement. I will excel in whatever I do with this type of theory. I’m sure many excelled throughout the years under this theory. Who doesn’t like hearing that they done a great job? I think my learning style can relate to this type of theory. Let’s move on to the Constructivism learning theory.

Constructivism learning is based on real life experiences to solve problems. It encourages hands on and collaborative or group based learning which would broaden brainstorming ideas and expand points of views. Because of the items mentioned, I believe that both the Constructivism learning theory and Behaviorism learning theory would best relate to my learning style. My Multimodal learning style will defiantly have some pros and cons that will affect my online educational pursuit.

My main concern since I haven’t been in a class room environment in over 20 years would be the fact that the student/teacher interface will not be there. I mean I know the teacher is there in a virtual sense and that they will be able to assist when needed, but I think the fact that they are not around in a personal sense will be difficult for me to grasp. I can remember as a young high school student the need for the teacher to give me that motivational push to keep me on track. Of course as a young teenager I would suspect that I was less focused or goal oriented and needed that motivational push.

Now that I have experienced life to some extent and have been adapting to the real world, I can find ways to stay focused and motivated to achieve my goals without much prodding. Plus technology has come a long way since the 1990’s as well. The ability to research materials in a variety of presentation modes at the click of a button will make it easier to learn. It will also be more interesting which will keep my attention span, which will ultimately improve my learning performance, I hope. Either way, I’m excited, nervous and honestly a little scared about furthering my education.I know this will be an awesome opportunity and experience for me and am looking forward to the challenge.

So in conclusion, I discussed that my learning style turned out to be Multimodal based on the Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic (VARK) results questionnaire I filled out. I talked about how my learning style related to both the Behaviorism learning theory and Constructivism learning theory, and finally I discussed how my identified VARK learning style will affect my online educational pursuit.