Background: Counterfeiting is a big business that occurs all over the world. People are producing fake products, but making them seem legitimate. Consumers would rather buy fake items because they are a fraction of the price compared to the real thing. Popular counterfeit products include books, printer cartridges, CDs, brake pads, DVDs, aircraft parts, cigarettes, wristwatches, razor blades, batteries, medicine, motorcycles, handbags, jewelry, automobiles, shampoo, pens, toys, wine, shoes, clothing, luggage, foods, beer, perfume, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare supplies.

Issue: Should the government take more action against pirates?

Analysis: Counterfeit products are being sold more often than real products. Producing and distributing counterfeit materials and goods is illegal. If caught the company that makes these products will suffer serious consequences. However, it is difficult for companies like these to get caught. It is difficult because the bandits are everywhere. People that sell these items are usually on the go. For example, in NYC there are thousands of vendors selling fake designer sunglasses and handbags. These people keep the products in large bags that they can throw over their shoulders because they are always on the move.

They move around because it is easy to get caught by staying in one place. Another reason it is hard to catch pirates is because they are very smart. The people that run counterfeit business are very intelligent and successful business people. The text states, “Worrisomely, successful pirates evolve into sophisticated entrepreneurs.” This illegal business is very well thought out and complex. The government should try harder to stop this illegal business but it is hard for them to do so since they cannot track all the companies. It is not fair to designer companies that counterfeit products are being sold in replace of their high quality products. It is taking away from their business.

Conclusion: I believe that the government should spend their time focusing on bigger issues in the world. Even though counterfeit markets are illegal, it is very difficult for them to be shut down. However, it is not impossible. Ugg Australia, a high end Boot Company, put many fake websites selling fake boots out of business. Businesses should focus on stopping the counterfeit markets rather than the government having to do it.