Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, judicators and of course members of the opposing blue group. Welcome to our debate discussing IT and its effects on the world. Myself "name" and the white group are here to propose the argument against IT and to show you how IT is not the key to a brave new world. Over the course of the following debate, we propose to argue how IT is destroying society with its new morals and ideals and changing society and the world for the worse.

And hope to have you in agreement with our views at the end of the debate.One can undoubtedly say that IT has dramatically changed the world over the past fifty year. Today computers are finding their way into every aspect of our day-to-day lives. We are now living in a world driven by information where information is power and with increasing power of computers only more development can be expected.

And when we examined how these new changes are affecting the world in general we came to some surprising conclusions. Of which we hope to present over the next 20-30 minutes.My friend here in the blue group have argued that IT is the Key to society by giving examples of how IT has made our lives easier. Well okay let them have these examples. IT has made our day-to-day lives much easier but this still doesn't mean that IT is the Key to a brave new world. Human nature is the key and it is how we use technology and not the presence of technology, which is leading us to a new world.

Also considering all the predictions made previously on other inventions have been found to be untrue. This matter shall be discussed later in more depth by speaker #2.Firstly considering the meaning of the statement (IT-key to a Brave New World). What does a "brave new world" mean to you perhaps you would think of it as a prosperous, peaceful, happy one? Well let's compare this with the reality of today -Third World debts are continuing to rise while people in these countries are living terrible conditions where everyday is a struggle. Technology has only moved us further away from a peaceful world with current circumstances as they are in the Middle East and terrorism. Quite obviously this is not a prosperous, peaceful, happy world.


.Also we must consider the effects IT is having on society. Social inter personal skills are being destroyed by the growth in technology. Quite simple the information age is destroying social skills replacing them with email, txt etc. And considering how social skills are what in the true defining attribute of a person's character this cannot be a good thing.

IT may have the possibility of making our lives so much easier but as we become ever over reliant on it one wonder what would happen if technology were gone tomorrow. Would we be able to survive without it?? Our society is today totally dependant on IT and this cannot be good. Also there seems to be this notion felt by people that technology is safe when in fact the reality of the matter is entirely the opposite.People are being replaced in the work place by technology. In the future technology may replace or devalue any of the human talent.

As this continues we are becoming ever more reliant on technology which surely cannot be a good thing. With our greater reliance on computers when computer do fail us for example the millennium bug which caused worldwide panic which only goes to show how over reliance on technology is a bad thing. Later on "name" will go on to develop and discuss this topic further. Even more so convincing you to agree with our view against IT.Furthermore there is terrorism, which is being made increasing easier to implement with the arrival of the Internet. The Internet is allowing terrorist organization to organize and implement terrorist attacks previously unimaginable with complete shelter from any one find them out.

One only need look at the September 11th disaster for evidence of this.Our need to adapt to the changing society is ever more increasing and now I'll leave you with a quote from Charles Handy's explaining the notion-"If you put a frog in water and slowly heat it, the frog will eventually let itself be boiled to death we too will not survive unless we actively respond to the radical way our world is changing"And now my fellow speaker will continue on now to show you furthermore evidence supporting our case and to develop more examples against IT.Speaker 3 will go on to show how IT is in fact bad for us giving examples of cyber-terrorism and hw our over reliance on technology is bad for usAnd due to these facts that IT is not key to a brave world