Our Changing World.
Times are changing, this is an old cliche'. This phrase has never had this dramatic of an
impact in our world as it does today. As I watch the children struggle through many of the same
issues I had as a child I see that the mindset and the code of morality I grew up respecting, seem
almost non existent today.In nineteen fifty five, my life began.

I was brought up in, what was, a traditional family
setting. My mother and father remained devoted to one another and raised three children. Unlike
today with single parent homes being the norm .When I grew up freedoms were not a necessity that I believed were due me, but a luxury
that I had to earn. When I went out at nights with my friends, my parents new where we were
and if I went anywhere that my parents were not aware of, I new what the consequences would
be. Today you can see the kids out at all hours of the night driving from parking lot to parking lot
drinking, drugging and doing what they please.

I knew my boundaries and I was given responsibilities. Today the kids dont understand
what reliability is about. Kids today do what they want to do and ignore what they dont want to
do. I also knew if I did not abide by the rules, there was no question of what would happen.

kids today will defy there parents anytime it is convenient for them to do so. They will say if you
punish me I will call H.R.S.

and tell them you are abusing me. The schools will give the kids
phone numbers and tells them to call if there parents hurt them so the parent can be dealt with
by childrens services. I feel this is a very serious problem because so many kids do this to get
even with parents. I feel that if the schools would teach respect and not reproach kids might
behave more respectfully.
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As I was growing up if I wanted something like toys ,books or clothes, money was not
freely given, it had to be earned. I would have to mow the grass or take out the trash.

In todays
world the kids think you owe it to them. They feel that if they want it they should get it no matter
what it costs. I was in a store the other day and a child wanted a toy and her mother said no and
the child threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen . In the end just to stop the embarrassing
scene the mother gave in and bought the toy .This I think reinforces the power which the child
holds over the parent, that if I cry long and hard enough I will get what I want.

In times past children were taught respect for their parents, President and their country,
we had a strong moral belief in who we were and what our country stood for. We watched in ah
as man walked on the moon for the first time, progress was exiting and fresh. Ah lass in this
world where mass media and video games are the kids mentors and idles. The time has come for
parents to take control again, because our children are our future.

This can come through
parental education, while the child is in embryo. However , we as adults must take personal
responsibility. Society as a whole can regain control through consistent interaction with in our
childrens lives.
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