30 years ago and former, people thought differently about the idea of marriage, then we do now. Both men and women had very strict roles. Husband was the one, who was supposed to work, earn money and eventually spend some time with childrean over the weekend. Wife’s role was to cook, clean and take care of childrean every day. Nowadays that kind of family model would be rather unacceptable, becouse relationships between the sexes have changed their character. Until the end of former century, woman’s role was to please the man, who provided her in money, so she was dependent on him.

It has greatly changed, since the big technology progress started and much more opportunites have appeard. Women started thinking about being independent entities and achieving their own life goals, which were not necessarily finding a man. I am not giving some feminist slogans, so to convince you that the traditional model of marriage is wrong. I only suppose that it would not really work in the present times of financial crisis and very fast living. Right now people pay more attention to their education and personal develompent, so they obviously need more money.

The costs of life are also high. To give the childrean the opportunity of becoming educated people with wide horizons, both of the parents need to work. Actiually, I think that spending less time with childrean, becouse of work, is harmful for the kids, esspecially when they’re very small. But people often have to choose between the free time with childrean and working for their kids future. Speaking of changes, I guess that after all, the relations between men and women are much more fair nowadays.