Hello fellow classmates and Ms Argus today I will be talking about the topic of gay marriage in Australia. First of all let me say it seems that the reason why there are so many arguments with this problem is because there are two different opinions on what marriage is. One opinion is from a non-religious person’s point of view and the other is from a Christian’s point of view. A non-religious person sees marriage as a celebration of love whereas a Christian would see marriage as the uniting of a man and women. Should it be legalised?

Well yes I say it should be legalised and frankly I don’t see any reasons at all to why it shouldn’t be legalised. I mean if two people love each other, they should have the right to celebrate their love for each other. Nowadays there is no tolerance for discrimination. We as humans are discriminating against homosexual people for not allowing them to get married. The most romantic moment of a person’s life is the moment of proposal and marriage but aren’t we aren’t we denying homosexuals of experiencing that special moment? I mean heterosexual couples no matter how old they are will always remember their proposal and wedding day.

There are also many children around the world that need adoption and who better to adopt then couples who can’t produce a baby? Many of the people, who disagree with same-sex marriage, disagree about it for a variety of reasons. Like religion, people who are religious believe that marriage was created for a man and women. They also believe that homosexuals are unnatural and that love is meant to be for between a man and a women, that’s why couples cannot procreate without the other and that if same-sex marriage were to be legalised it would be like changing what marriage is and that there is no reason to changing what already works.

The problem with this is because marriage is no longer a tradition or ceremony for people who are religious but is a world-wide tradition that is celebrated by everyone kind of person there is. Also homosexuals are actually not as unnatural as you would think because there are such things as homosexuality in the animal kingdom. A great example to a homosexual animal is a bonobo chimpanzee. Bonobo chimpanzees have the highest rates of homosexuality in any known species. And what better to call natural then animals.

I’m not saying that people who are religious have to change their views on what marriage is or what it isn’t but people are allowed to have different views on different situations because everyone has their own morals and beliefs. Maybe the solution is to create a new tradition for celebrating love what do you think? But you can think about that in your own time. Another reason is because people believe that same-sex couple’s aren’t suitable for raising children because they need both a father figure and the love and comfort of a mother.

People who disagree with same-sex marriage believe that a same-sex couple cannot give their child both of these things. But who’s to say that a father cannot show as much love as a mother or a mother cannot be a role model as great as father? There are no evidence that homosexual parents and any worse than heterosexual. Also if there are no negative problems for anyone then why discourage it. Humans are afraid of what is new and there is nothing wrong with that it is just simply how humans are but once that something new is no longer new, people are used to it.

There was a similar case to this problem a while back in the early 1900’s. Interracial marriage was banned and restricted in several countries like the United States of America for example. The problem with interracial marriage was solved later on when the United States had the Supreme Court decision in 1967. Once again I would like to say that there is no tolerance for discrimination anymore. We as humans are now evolved enough and know that everyone single human being is equal no matter their gender, race or sexuality.