Would any homosexual in America believe he or she had the right to pursue happiness if she/he could not marry the person they loved? Not allowing same sex couples too marry is very hypocritical of our country. Latest scientific evidence strongly suggests that homosexuality is pre determined by ones genetic makeup. It is very obvious that no one would choose to be ridiculed or pointed out. In the ninth amendment it states, that there are “rights retained by people”.

Also the fourteenth amendment states that “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or prosperity without due process of law.Yet gays don’t have the right to marry whomever they want. Where’s the liberty in that? That is simply an injustice and discrimination based on sexuality. People say that being gay is morally wrong. What’s morally wrong in following your feelings? Besides, who says that being gay is morally wrong the bible? That argument is useless, when talking about the laws.

The United States is separated between church and state. That has kept everything in good order, so why decide to bring religion into it when it comes down to this topic, it’s simply unnecessary.Many things have changed over time, for example women used to not receive the same rights as men, there was slavery, African Americans were segregated, and also many years ago Prodisons couldn’t marry Catholics. If these views on religion race and marriage have changed, then why cant views of same sex marriage change now? Now that all of those have changed our country has truly benefited from them. There would be no more deprivation of individual rights. Laws would be followed, and everyone would be treated equally.

The way it was always meant to be.There is the argument for our country that there are people out there who falsely state their gay marriage for the taxing benefits. While that would be true, there could be special screenings of those suspicious couples. I would think that no one is that desperate as to lie about something of that matter. If they truly are homosexual then they deserve the benefits without hesitation.

In conclusion I strongly believe that homosexual marriage should be legalized through out all of the United States. Its time this country offered some of the real liberty and justice that is said to be the United States of America.