American core beliefs about individual choice. Defending the rights of gay citizens to marry also advances the American dream of promoting equality and preventing discrimination. Gay marriage was declared legal by Massachusetts courts because the Massachusetts constitution forbids the creation of "second-class citizens" (Marech). Is that what homosexuals are second class citizens? The idea of all Americans being treated equally in the eyes of the law is also a core value of the United States Constitution and resonates in the hearts of itizens everywhere as morally right.

The founders of this nation saw that protecting everyone's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was crucial, and that protecting the rights of unpopular citizens likely to face discrimination was even more crucial. Given these values, everyone should see the importance of defending the rights of homosexuals by legalizing gay marriage. By legalizing gay marriage it would strengthen families, protect individuals' rights to choice and privacy, and combat discrimination while defending equality.Massachusetts has taken a crucial step by legalizing gay marriage within the borders of its state.

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