Business communication play an important role in a person day-to-day life, developing the ability to communicate effectively is an important trait, as a business depends on communication to be successful. In most jobs today a person can send an e-mail, do a PowerPoint presentation, technical reports, and memorandums. To be successful with these tasks a person has have excellent communication skills, this will help both the employee and the employer communicates well and help the business grow.

Oral, nonverbal, and written communication all play a role in a person’s day-to-day activities at work, whether it is to an internal audience – people with his or her organization – or external audience these are people outside an organization such as customers. Constructing a relationship with other people in a work environment relies on effective communication skills; this builds a healthy, trusting, and profitable business.When a person has a healthy business relationship with other team members he or she becomes more productive. Communication provides a mutual connectivity, which creates a rapport; for example a salesperson may know everything there is to know about a product however. If he or she does not have good excellent communication skills he or she will not be able to have a rapport with the customers and this can cause a loss in sales (Bartolomei, 2005).

A person has to have good communication skills as he or she has to resolve conflicts among workers. The communication skills can help handle disagreements delicately and efficiently without adding anything else to an already turmoil situation. A manager needs to have good communication, as good communication help resolve the conflict and miscommunication is normally the reason a conflict exists in the first place. Once the conflict is resolve a team will work more productively.In today’s business society a person is always attending some sort of meeting, conference or other events that require him or she to have face-to-face interaction therefore, communication skills has to be necessary.

Meetings require good communication skills have valuable information, ideas, and strategic decisions are shared. If a person who is not a speaking in a meeting that person still has to use his or her listening skills and listening skills are also is a crucial part of communication.From good communication skills a can make valuable decisions on what route to take the company (Bartolomei, 2005). In today’s workplace there are many types of communication trends, such as e-mails, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing.

E-mails are replacing paper memos; our offices are going green, paper to paperless e-mail and with time zone differences and many businesses require their personnel to travel the production of that company does not stop and different businesses are finding different ways to communicate.When sending an e-mail a person has to be careful with the content that he or she places in the e-mail before he or she hits the send button. Before sending an e-mail the recipients needs to be greeted with politeness formally or informally, their tone should be polite, and clear with an appropriate opening and closing (Gary & Robert, 2009). Teleconferencing and videoconferencing are very similar; both are mostly used in a conference meeting.

When doing any of the two one has to take into consideration the different time zones before a meeting is scheduled.When a meeting requires documents that has to be viewed by both party a person has to ensure that the other participant receives that document in an email, this allows for all personnel involve in the meeting to be on one accord. Visual presentation has to given out equally to participants instead of showing them on a camera. If technology is used properly it can be a powerful tool in any workplace, a person has to ensure that it is been used in an appropriate manner (Gary & Robert, 2009).An e-mail is a new message trend for writing letters and using a type writer to type a memorandum. When using the Internet an e-mail receives and sends messages faster than mailing an actual letter and it is easier to edit any mistakes that were made.

On a type writer it is a little more difficult to do so. Teleconferencing and videoconferencing makes meeting a person face-to-face more easily, instead of traveling miles to have a meeting with a person he or she may pick up a phone place it on speaker and have a meeting that way.This saves on time that he or she may have used to travel to meet the other person, and if that person had to stay in a hotel this also saves money. Videoconferencing is mostly used when people are in different parts of the world; this takes the place of a meeting in person. Working for the Army and having soldiers in Iraq this system helps keep both side on one accord, we can communicate with each other and have weekly meeting to discuss what needs to be done.

Communication skills is very important in today’s society, it is the way people stay connect with each other. Addressing a person formally or informally is also important; a person needs to know the difference form addressing a person professionally from how to address a friend. As technology evolves, communication becomes a little easier each time from writing letters to e-mail, from sending telegrams to telephones, and from face-to-face meetings to teleconferencing and videoconferencing. To communicate efficiently a person has to have proper communication skills.