BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS XCOM285 What role does business communication play in your day-to-day work activities? In my business, I require email, text, telephone and fax on a day to day basis. In order for my company to reach me and for me to complete transactions, I need these tools. So the role that they play is a very important one, because I would not be able to get my business transactions completed without any one of them. How does it help you manage your daily activities?The assistance that these devices provide me is communication with my management team as well as my clients to provide them with the best service that I am able to provide in the time frame that they expect from me. So within a day I could receive tons of email and hundreds of texts. I am not sure how they did this job before the technology (my company is 50 years old), but I know that it would have been difficult.

What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace?I haven’t seen any trends in my current or former work places as far as the way of progress. I am hoping for my current company to go digital so they can remove the amount of paper work that we have to complete every time we complete a sale. If this process was available to us via the internet, our jobs would be faster and easier to complete. If I were a programmer, I would design a program that would enable the sales consultant to fill out the buyer’s agreement online.They would also be able to process payments and get financing information without being on the phone with someone for 30 minutes while the customer just sits there and watches.

It would make sending all the information faster. This program would also allow you to send measurements to the warehouse to help with the product presentation. All in an effort to make the purchase easier for the consumer and the representative. What message types are results of these trends?Should my current company start doing business via the web based sales program, this would make it easier for the consultants to complete contracts in a timely fashion as well as get everything completed faster. It would also help them to keep better records of what customers have and what they might need in the future. It takes a while sometimes for companies to step up to technology, but I am confident that when they do, they will rise to the occasion.

This will make the company stronger and more profitable without a large turn over.