The Middle East is a main region where it served as the origin for many societies and religions such as Christianity and Islam. As they lengthened from this region, both of these religions had extensive influence on the route of times gone by.

The Christians instituted new churches in cities and this made the expansion of Christianity through the first two centuries a fundamentally metropolitan occurrence. Since the Arabia had extremely little cities Islam was expanded considerably through villages and countryside parts. Islam was based on the teachings of Muhammad, who was called the Prophet.One who practices Islam is a Muslim.

Muslims follow the Koran, the written revelation brought by Muhammad. Islam was the quickest growing religion. Judaism is one of the world's oldest religious traditions. Judaism originated in the Middle East. The key aspect of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish rabbi, fascinated a following of citizens who considered him to be a new prophet.

Their memories of Jesus’ words and actions evoke his days on earth and the sensation of his resurrection from the dead on the first Easter.Much like Christianity Islam was based on the divine and teaching of person or prophet, Muhammad. Muhammad began his organization at the age of 40, when, he stated, the archangel Gabriel emerged to him in a dream. At first Muhammad consulted his dreams only to his family and close acquaintances. After four years he began to preach overtly in his inhabitant city of Mecca. Mocked by the Mecca’s, he went to Medina in 622.

At his death in 632, Muhammad was head of an Arab state increasing tremendously in power. Islam focused on five pillars in which they considered were very important in their lives.The first duty was belief and witness and this basically focused on the chief principle that God is everywhere and is in our lives. The second duty was daily prayers, which where considered to be the supreme answer to hearing the ideal God. The third duty of a Muslim is to pay zakat.

This tax was initially imposed by Muhammad, and soon after by Muslim states, on the prosperous citizens of the society, mainly to aid the less fortunate. The fourth duty is the fast of the month of Ramadan. During the fasting month, one must desist from eating, drinking, smoking, and sexual contact from dawn until sunset.The fifth duty is the pilgrimage to Mecca. Every adult Muslim who is bodily and efficiently able to do so must make this pilgrimage at least once in his or her lifetime. On the other hand, Christianity and Islam have their resemblances in religious beliefs and their differences in growth between the two religions.

The Arabs like the Christians and the Jews, believed in unseen spirits such as gods, demons, and so on. The Christians and Islam each held that there is only one real God that sends down a herald to watch the citizens.The Christians believed that Jesus was the herald that God sent down and the Islam believed that Muhammad was enthused by an unseen spirit when they questioned if the spirit was the one true God. Jesus recognized the Ten Commandments that God had given to the Jews through Moses Jesus teach the great word of the Lord, as was his mission as the Son of God. He is also executed wonders such as curing leprosy and blindness in addition walking on water.

Roman and Jewish establishment were disquieted by the danger to the organization that Jesus and his supporters seemed to offer, and they plotted productively to kill him by crucifixion.After Jesus was crucified for the sins of all men, he was believed by Christians to have risen from the dead and then raised to Heaven. The Christian’s between the two religions believed that if they do good deeds then they would go to Heaven and the Islam’s perceived it as Paradise and the corrupt one would go to torment. Both religions have their own book that they believe are the words of God.

The bible is the book that the Christians consider are the terms of God and the Qur'an was a book founded in 650 that the Islamic looks upon as the unchangeable terms of God.Throughout the first two centuries, Christians did not impose their religion on others but looked on missionaries, preaching, and following religious lives to move citizens to the one ideal God. Christianity and Judaism were both established during 1200 B. C.

, which was marked in the Torah. The Old Testament explains the upsurge of the Israelites and their understanding with God that both sides will be trustworthy to one another and their voyage to the land guaranteed by God. Christianity and Judaism only believe in one God and the messiah.Also, they believe in spiritual beings like angels and demons. Judaism is also considerably dissimilar from Christianity. Their beliefs focus on observation, holiness, and ethics, which boost both daily and religious life.

They have their own profound speech called Hebrew. God rewards or disciplines Jewish people in which they obey or disobey his will. In Christianity, the focus is positioned on love of God. People must believe that God is compassionate and loves them too.

As an indication of God’s love, people must also love other people and forgive their enemies.Judaism explains that the messiah is destined to come, which they judge will be a descendent of King David. The Jews also think that doing respectable actions will take away their sins. They are also directed to pray 3 times a day to indicate the rotation of the day. Judaism considers that boys should be circumcised eight days after birth. Boys and girls get Hebrew names.

At the age of 12 or 13 they have a Bat Mitzvah which is the shift from youth to maturity. At the Bat Mitzvah the boys have to read from the Torah in front of their Jewish society and girls don't read from it but they converse about the daily Torah section.When someone dies there is no wake and the burial takes place very quickly. A person, in addition must go with the departed which is considered a tremendously high honor. Despite all there differences expressed in the predeceasing sections of this essay Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are similar in many respects, such as they all believe in monotheism, they all believe in prophets and base their religion on the word these prophets brought from God himself, and they all preach contribution.

They've faced disagreements with each other, which is still present today. Jerusalem is a foremost religious city to all these religions. Christianity is a much easier religion because it is a lot more lenient to what you can and cannot do. Islam is more closed gates being that it does not send out missionaries seeking citizens to convert to Islam.