People who follow Christianity are called Christians and Judaism are called Jews. There are 14 millions of Jews living in Israel, Europe, USA and 2 billions of Christians are living in the Europe, North and South America, and rapidly growing in Africa.Christianity is the first largest religious group while Judaism is the 12th largest group in the world. The clergies for Christianity are called priests, ministers, pastors and bishops and the clergy for Judaism is called rabbis. Christians’ house of worships are church, chapel and cathedral and the main day of worship is Sunday.

Jews’ house of worship is called synagogue and their main worship occurs on Saturdays. These two major world religions are most similar to each other. Both Christianity and Judaism believe in one God who is holy, just, righteous, forgiving and merciful. Both religions share Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) as a Word of God, but Christianity also includes the New Testament. They believe in heaven and hell as an eternal dwelling place for the righteous and for the wicked. The difference between Christianity and Judaism is the Jesus Christ.

Christians believes that Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and he is the Savior. Although Judaism recognizes Jesus as a good preacher and a prophet of god, it does not accept that Jesus is the Messiah or the Savior. Christianity believes that the God became a human being in the form of Jesus Christ and sacrificed his life to compensate the price for our sins while Judaism strongly disagrees that Jesus was God and laid his life for the human beings.