Religion is a large part of culture all around the world. Religion has effected governments, laws, and generations upon generations and has even been instrumental in the founding of some countries across the world.Among the world’s most prominent religions are Islam and Christianity.

Both of these religions have influenced the world in a different way. Despite their differences, Islam and Christianity have many similarities in their core beliefs and convictions.Islamic and Christian people believe in one God that is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. They also both believe in God-sent prophets such as: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Joseph, John, Jesus, and etc.The Ten Commandments and moral teachings are important to both the religion’s core beliefs and they have strong conviction that all people should live by the standards provided in the commandments and teachings (“Islam vs. Christianity”).

Right and wrong are absolutes and cannot be wavered in between yet both religions claim to have “gray areas” that require personal conviction.Muslims and Christians believe that the Old and New Testament are Holy Scriptures inspired by God. Both Islam and Christianity believe in a fallen, evil angel called Satan. According to the religions, Satan should not be followed and people should avoid his temptations and spirits. Muslims and Christians believe in a life after death that is eternal and that the eternal life will be spent in either Hell or Paradise (“Islam vs.

Christianity”).According to the religions, the world will one day come to an end and all people will be judged by God for the deeds they have done in life. Although Islam and Christianity have many of the same core beliefs and convictions, the similarities between the two do not continue. The differences of Islam and Christianity are overwhelmingly evident in most aspects once a deeper a look is taken into the religions (“Kuhner, Radical Islam vs. Christianity”).The Islamic religion was founded by a man named Muhammad.

Muslims believe that an angel called Gabriel came to Muhammad and gave him the new version of the Scriptures, the Qur’an, because the original Old and New Testament were corrupted.Muhammad is said to be the last prophet that was sent special by God, Allah, to deliver His words to the world (“Islam vs. Christianity”). Muhammad spread his holy book throughout the Middle East by taking over tribes through war (Kuhner, “Islam vs. Christianity”.

He believed Islam to be a religion of surrender and submission to Allah and that people should live solely to obey him. The “capital” of Islam is located in Mecca and is a major city to the Islamic people.Christianity is claimed to be founded by God and fulfilled by his Son, Jesus Christ. Unlike the Muslims, Christians believe that Jesus was divine and sent by God to die for the sins of mankind therefore providing a way of redemption from sin and eternal damnation. Jesus was the last prophet, according to the Christians, and there will be no more prophets.

The Old and New Testament are still believed to be the uncorrupt, inspired Words of God to the world.Christians say their religion is one of peace, grace, and forgiveness and that one can gain eternal paradise by placing their faith in God (“Islam vs. Christianity”). Islam and Christianity are two of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world; but despite all their similarities, they are very different on a deeper, theological look into them.Work CitedKuhner, Jeffrey T.

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