In the book of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration, by David N.

Entwistle focus on the aspect of integrating Christian faith with psychology.The importance of the book is a gain a “more complete view of humans nature and weaving together perspectives from with either perspective alone” ( Entwistle, 2010, p. 3). His purpose raised questions on whether psychology and Christianity are different from each other or should they be integrated together. However, both theologies have the views of God.Therefore, Entwistle believes that psychology and Christian theology can help people understand each other.

He thinks both theology works better together. For that reason, he gives reasons why psychology and Christianity can merge and be used to organize human to become better people.However, this book does not discuss the differences between the two theologies but join the views on how understand the world. Entwistle provide historical background on the naturalism versus supernaturalism debate.The basic of book surround questions about the “ existence and nature of God, the relationship of God, the relationship of God to the created order, the nature of the world the world, ethics, and aesthetics” ( Entwistle , 2010, p.

109). Throughout the book, Entwistle gave several different opinions within the text that stated his position on the topic of integration psychology and Christianity.He made the book clear for readers to understand of both concepts. However, Entwistle focus on concept of worldview and interpretation. The definition worldview is provided from the book and it states “a worldview is a set of presuppositions, (assumptions which may be true, partially true or entirely false) which hold (consciously or subconsciously, consistently or inconsistently) about the basic make-up of the world” (Entwistle , 2010, p.

56).For the moment, there are several different worldviews such as animism, polytheism, pantheism, post-modernism, and syncretism. The main part of the book focuses on the theory of worldview. He explained that if you cannot see anything it is hard to understand where something came from. Yet, he gave the foundation of the several topics within the book that covered beliefs, developing relationships between the two theologies and the history of psychology.

Entwistle highlights the expectations on how to understand both the Bible and world. Entwistle also discussed five models of integration such as enemies, spies, colonialists, neutral parties, and allies. These models help reader understand the relationship between the concepts of psychology and theology.He believes models that developed “are ways to the way the nations interact with each other” ( Entwistle, 2010, p. 135)Therefore, these model help formulate the approach of the healing disciplines and people. These models provide an important and informative framework for understanding how different individuals approach integration.

The Integration of Models is the foundation of the truth. By using these five models will help psychology and theology gain better understands of the truth and learn about the concept of God. Entwistle want readers to understand the concept the God created human and the concept of the Bible. Concrete ResponseThe Entwistle’s book, did not bring out anything about a personal event in my life.

Yet, there is nothing but the understanding of God. As a Christian, I believe it is my responsibility to make sense of the world and appreciate what God created in the world.I do not consider myself taking this information from the book and apply to my life. Therefore, I am a certain way because have supportive people in my life.

I believe people are in my life to help me with through issues and help me understand how to conquer certain issues in my life.I have been through a lot of issues that impacted my life dramatically. As I look over my life and remember all the battles I’ve dealt with during my life. I have learned how to cope with issues in my life.

Reflecting on pass, made me realized that I put all my trust in God. According to Entwistle, “All truth is God’s truth” (2010). I can say, I will use this statement in my life. I have learning that my life revolves around God.

Without God in my life, I think it would be very hard to handle obstacles in my journey of life. One thing that I battle with is the failure to allow God to do his job and having faith in God. I think it hard to realize the facts through God’s word and the Bible and try to believe in them. At the end of the result, I am able to accept that God is leading my life in certain direction and letting him have control of my life.

ReflectionsIn reading the book, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration, it has many positive and negative viewpoints. The only positive viewpoints within the book that Entwistle explained were the understanding of Christianity, truth of God and Christian’s worldview. I believe this information could be very help to people.However, Entwistle focus on how the worldview can affect integration. Yet, the book lacks the approach of explaining the difference between psychology and Christianity.

There are several questions that arise from what I read in the book. How would this book help young counselors starting their career? Will this book guide new professionals in the career of counseling? Is this just a book about theology aspect counseling?Are humans able to change their perspective on their ideas? Can humans be open-minded about different religious? Thus, there is another question that rises from the book. According to Entwsitle, he raised this question “How can the Bible be used in counseling as a means of bringing truth, repentance, and reconciliation” (145). I believe this question should be answer by counselors who are trying to pursue this career.

This question open up the perspective on how human think about merging psychology and Christianity together. In understanding theses question will counseling understand the challenges in merging these two together? This book will change many counselors perspective in the way people they think about both concepts. Entwistle ‘s book will allow people to change their perspective on life ActionI believe that Entwistle came up with different ideas. There are several ideas that can affect the aspect of counseling. His concepts are to understand the truth of God and how merging psychology and Christianity can help humans.I think Entwistle’s book has impact on me on the way I think and look at situations in my life.

After reading this book, I found it interesting to explore the perspective of worldview and how I approach psychology and Christianity within the world.My life experiences has taught me to approach counseling by allowing myself to be more open to wisdom and have the ability to explore treatment methods that will help people life change for the better. In the professional field, there are several changes that I can implement and share with others within the counseling field.First, I will discuss strategies that can help the clients. Second, try to get the clients to have an open mind and willing to explore different aspect of religion.Third, try to be open to different beliefs.

I believe these methods will help people to develop the understanding to adapt to change. I want to apply this knowledge and have the ability to set goals within my career, as I continue in my journey in the Master’s Human Services: Family & Marriage Counseling Program. ReferenceEntwistle, D. (2010).

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity.