I am a huge fan of the entertainment industry. I believe it takes a lot of skill and tact to do what they do and I also strongly know that professional actors and athletes are not overpaid. My reasons are: Firstly, there are certain roles actors and actresses play in movies depending on the genre of such movies.

For instance, if an actor or an actress is having a play a sexual role, he or she will have to be paid a large sum of money because in most cases such people put their marital relationship on the line or may be unfairly criticized by viewers of such movies forgetting that such a movie was only acted to pass a message across to these viewers.

In the case of professional athletes, when they partake in such sports, they tend to sustain injuries of which they need enough money so as to facilitate the treatment of such injuries or in severe cases will have to undergo surgeries for which afterwards keeps them out on the sidelines for a considerable long amount of time during which they do not receive any payment of any kind until they are back competing.

Thirdly, when these so called “celebrities” are invited to speak to the press, they are often asked different kind of questions by various journalists which tends to put them in various kind of trouble as in most cases their words are usually twisted. In addition to this, as in the case of professional athletes, when they are called upon to represent their respective countries in competitions like the Olympics there is a large burden of expectations placed on them and as such they will need to be compensated with quite a large sum of money as this will spur them on to deliver.

Furthermore, professional actors and actresses are mostly paid according to the market sales the producing team receives from the production of these movies. Meaning that if the market sales are not on the large scale they don’t get huge sums of money and if the vice versa happens they are often paid showing that we viewers are actually the ones responsible for the so called “over payment” they receive for which I don’t believe is the case as they have to be at their best to impress the viewers so as to receive pay and for such reasons I think is fair.

Also, these people often use part of this money to build charity homes, sport academies as in the case of sporting athletes and movie academies as for actors and actresses which often give room for those out there in the public to come and show their talents so as to fulfill their dreams as well as fending for themselves and families. More importantly, actors and actresses play roles of lawyers, doctors, and engineers in some movies. When the younger ones come in contact with such movies it often spurs them on to become aspiring lawyers, engineers, and doctors in the future meaning that professional actors and actresses play a part in the professions the public often choose to become.

More so, professional athletes and actors often spend most of their time on the training ground and on movie shoots respectively and never have enough time for their family and loved ones which in most cases causes family problems. Therefore if for any reason they will want to continue doing what they do irrespective of such a big problem they definitely need something to keep them going and such large pay will definitely do the job as staying away from your family and loved ones so often is really not an easy thing to cope with.

More importantly, in the case of professional athletes, they tend to start their careers at a young age of about eighteen to twenty years and also finish at a young age of about thirty two to thirty four as their body is no longer able to keep up with the intensity of training and as a result are unable to compete on the center stage. Therefore, these athletes need to make as much money as they can during this reasonably short period of time compared to other professions like law, engineering and medicine where individuals could last for as long as thirty years.

Furthermore, still bringing into consideration other occupations such as law, engineering, medicine and other so called “dignified” occupations, you often come in contact with individuals who study such professions in school but end up becoming teachers, accountants, economists and lots more. But in the case of acting and athleticism, it purely depends on self-belief and pure talent meaning that individuals don’t just wake up one morning and decide to become actors, actresses, basket ballers, soccer players, etc.

As a result, this makes these professions very unique and therefore should be treated with a little more respect. Lastly, still speaking on the case of professional athletes, off course there are plenty of overpaid athletes, just as there plenty of overpaid people in any other profession. We all know of countless examples of players signing huge contract extensions only to struggle when the new season starts, this is usually in the case of soccer. We also know of a plenty of bankers taking enormous bonuses whilst our economy sank.

The point is, there is income inequality and unfairness to be found throughout the free market, but it remains a free market. Which brings me to my final point, meritocracy. How many people advance their careers simply by who they know? In many professions like law, medicine, engineering, it’s not usually by what you know but rather who you know and this is where professional athletes stands apart. In sports, it’s either you are good enough or you are not and it really does not matter who your father is. Sports may just be the last true meritocracy left and if the monetary rewards run into the millions, all the better.