Th? purp?s? ?f th? pr?p?s?d study ?s t? d?t?rm?n? ?f p?st-?x?rc?s? m?ss?g? h?s ?n ?ff?ct ?n d?l?y?d-?ns?t muscl? s?r?n?ss (D?MS) ?nd phys?c?l p?rf?rm?nc? ?n w?m?n c?ll?g??t? ?thl?t?s. Th? st?t?d purp?s? ?s cl??r ?s th? study pr?v?d?s th? d?f?n?t??n ?f th? r?s??rch?d ph?n?m?n?n ?nd th? ?xpl?n?t??n ?f r?s??rch. D?MS ?s d?f?n?d ?s muscl? s?r?n?ss fr?m pr?d?m?n?ntly ?cc?ntr?c muscl? ?ct??ns, wh?ch “b?g?ns w?th?n 24 h ?ft?r ?x?rc?s?, p??ks 48–72 h ?ft?r th? ?ct?v?ty ?nd c?nt?nu?s f?r s?v?r?l d?ys p?st-?ct?v?ty” (M?nc?n?ll? ?t ?l. 2006).

Th? ?uth?r d?scr?b?s num?r?us k?nds ?f tr??tm?nt us?d t? ?v?rc?m? th?s c?nd?t??n ?nd n?m?s m?ss?g? ?s ?n? ?f th? m?st succ?ssful b?c?us? m?ss?g?, l?k? c?mpr?ss??n, m?y h?lp m?v? flu?d ?w?y fr?m ?nv?lv?d muscl?s. H?w?v?r, s?m? stud??s ?tt?mpt t? d?spr?v? th?s? st?t?m?nts, ?nd th? m??n purp?s? ?f th? pr?s?nt r?s??rch ?s “t? d?t?rm?n? ?f m?ss?g? h?s ?n ?ff?ct ?n D?MS ?nd phys?c?l p?rf?rm?nc? ?n D?v?s??n ? w?m?n c?ll?g? v?ll?yb?ll ?nd b?sk?tb?ll pl?y?rs ?t th? st?rt ?f pr?-s??s?n tr??n?ng” (M?nc?n?ll? ?t ?l. 2006), hyp?th?s?z?ng th?t ?t w?ll r?duc? th? s?v?r?ty ?f s?r?n?ss.Th?s study us?d ? r?nd?m?z?d pr?-t?st/p?st-t?st c?ntr?l gr?up d?s?gn. Th? study p?pul?t??n c?ns?st?d ?f c?ll?g? D?v?s??n ? w?m?n ?thl?t?s wh? w?r? r?cru?t?d t? p?rt?c?p?t? ?n th? f?rst d?y ?f pr?-s??s?n tr??n?ng.

B?s?l?n? m??sur?m?nts ?nclud?d h??ght, w??ght, v?rt?c?l jump d?spl?c?m?nt, shuttl? run t?m?s, qu?dr?c?ps f?m?r?s l?ngth ?nd pr?ssur?-p??n thr?sh?ld us?ng pr?ssur? ?lg?m?try.One group received massage sessions from trained specialists, and the control group did not receive massage any time during the experiment. It must be noted that th? ?b?v?m?nt??n?d m?th?ds h?v? ?lr??dy pr?v?d us?ful ?n num?r?us ?th?r r?s??rch?s, and for the most part the measurements were based on objective numbers, not on subjective feelings (with the exception of pressure-pain threshold, which cannot be determined using another way, therefore, it is a well-grounded exception).Th? c?ns?d?r?d v?r??bl?s ?r? th? f?ll?w?ng: v?rt?c?l jump d?spl?c?m?nt, t?m?d shuttl? run, qu?dr?c?ps f?m?r?s l?ngth, ?nd pr?ssur?-p??n thr?sh?ld.

?ll v?r??bl?s ?r? ?nd?p?d?nt. Th? pr?nc?p?l m?r?ts ?f th? m??sur?m?nt t??ls w?r? th??r pr?c?s?n?ss, ?xc?pt f?r th? f?urth t?st wh?n th? subj?ct’s p?rs?n?l d?sc?mf?rt thr?sh?ld w?s ?v?lu?t?d - ?ft?r t?ll?ng th? subj?ct t? r?p?rt wh?n th? ‘pr?ssur? st?rt?d t? f??l unc?mf?rt?bl?,’ th? ?nv?st?g?t?r b?g?n ?pply?ng ? sl?w d?wnw?rd pr?ssur?, ?nd ?t th? subj?ct’s r?sp?ns? ?f ‘Th?r?,’ th? m??sur?m?nt w?s r?c?rd?d. nt?rv?l m??sur?m?nts w?r? us?d, ?s th? r?sp?ct?v? f?ur t?sts w?r? c?nduct?d b?f?r? ?nd ?ft?r th? tr??n?ng s?ss??ns. ?n my ?p?n??n, th? st?t?st?c?l t??ls us?d w?r? c?mp?t?bl? w?th th? typ? ?f m??sur?m?nts ch?s?n. B?s?l?n? ?nd pr?-m?ss?g? m??sur?s w?r? c?mp?r?d t? c?nf?rm ?f ? d?cl?n? ?n p?rf?rm?nc? ?r muscl? s?r?n?ss ?x?st?d ?n th? subj?cts w?th tr??n?ng, but pr??r t? m?ss?g?.

P??r?d t-t?sts w?r? us?d t? ?ss?ss d?ff?r?nc?s b?tw??n pr? ?nd p?st m?ss?g? m??sur?s ?n b?th gr?ups.?n ?lph? l?v?l ?f 0. 5 w?s us?d f?r d?t?rm?n?ng s?gn?f?c?nc? f?r ?ll st?t?st?c?l ?n?lys?s. Pr?-tr??l v?r??nc? b?tw??n gr?ups w?s ?ss?ss?d us?ng th? ?’Br??n t?st. Th? m?th?d?l?gy ?f th? study c?n b? r?pr?duc?d ?n ?n?th?r s?mpl? s?l?ct?d by us?ng th? s?m? t?st?ng m?th?ds.

Th?y w?r? d?scr?b?d ?n d?t??l ?nd d? n?t d?p?nd ?n c?rt??n c?nd?t??ns s? th?t th?y w?uld n??d t? b? m?d?f??d ?n s?m? w?y d?p?nd?ng ?n sp?c??l c?rcumst?nc?s. To compile a sample, athl?t?s fr?m th? w?m?n’s b?sk?tb?ll ?nd v?ll?yb?ll t??ms w?r? r?cru?t?d f?r p?rt?c?p?t??n ?n d?y 1 ?f pr?-s??s?n tr??n?ng. ?ch ?thl?t? w?s ?sk?d t? c?mpl?t? ? qu?st??nn??r? ?utl?n?ng ?ny h?st?ry ?f ?njury ?nd ?ct?v?ty l?v?l pr??r t? p?rt?c?p?t?ng ?n pr?-s??s?n tr??n?ng.?nclus??n cr?t?r?? c?ns?st?d ?f b??ng ?n ?ct?v? m?mb?r ?f th? t??ms. ?xclus??n cr?t?r?? ?nclud?d h?st?ry ?f ?njury ?r curr?nt ?njury ?r ?lln?ss th?t pr?v?nt?d full p?rt?c?p?t??n ?n r?ut?n? pr?-s??s?n tr??n?ng – these were necessary for creation of a homogeneous sample with approximately the same general physical state. As a result, tw?lv? b?sk?tb?ll pl?y?rs ?nd 12 v?ll?yb?ll pl?y?rs (n=24) qu?l?f??d w?th ? m??n ?g? ?f 20 y??rs +0.

3.?n my ?p?n??n, th?s s?mpl? ?s n?t s?gn?f?c?nt, ?s ?n c?mp?r?s?n w?th th? g?n?r?l numb?r ?f f?m?l? ?thl?t?s, ?v?n ?n th? sc?p? ?f ? st?t?, th? ch?s?n 24 f?m?l? ?thl?t?s c?n h?rdly b? r?pr?s?nt?t?v?. ? w?uld r?c?mm?nd c?nduct?ng such typ? ?f r?s??rch ?n s?v?r?l ?th?r sch??ls, ?sp?c??lly ?s th? m?th?d?l?gy ?f th? study c?n b? fully r?pr?duc?d. H?w?v?r, ? sh?uld ?ls? n?t? th?t th?r? w?r? n? b??s ?n th? s?mpl? ch??c?, th?ugh th?r? w?r? s?m? r?str?ct??ns, such ?s th? h?st?ry ?f ?njury ?r curr?nt ?njury.

The published study results state that pr?ssur?-p??n thr?sh?lds dr?pp?d fr?m b?s?l?n? v?lu?s m??sur?d pr??r t? ?nt?ns? tr??n?ng t? m??sur?s t?k?n ?ft?r ?nt?ns? tr??n?ng b?g?n ?n b?th th? c?ntr?l ?nd tr??tm?nt gr?ups, with the pr?-tr??l d?f?n?t??n ?f muscl? s?r?n?ss r?str?ct?d t? ?t l??st ? 20% dr?p ?n pr?ssur?-p??n thr?sh?lds. However, s?x subj?cts (thr?? fr?m ??ch gr?up) d?d n?t h?v? ?t l??st ? 20% d?cr?m?nt ?n pr?ssur?-p??n thr?sh?lds. Th?y w?r? ?xclud?d fr?m furth?r p?rt?c?p?t??n ?n th? study b?c?us? ?t w?s ?ssum?d th?y h?d m?n?m?l muscl? s?r?n?ss.I believe that such exclusion was unjustified and narrowed even more the sample, which had not been big enough in the first place. Th? d?scuss??n ?f r?sults f?ll?w?d th? r?sults th?ms?lv?s. Th? study c?nclud?s th?t m?ss?g? c?n ?ll?v??t? s?r?n?ss ?nd ?mpr?v? v?rt?c?l jump p?rf?rm?nc? ?n f?m?l? c?ll?g??t? ?thl?t?s.

H?w?v?r, th? study r?sults w?r? n?t r??lly s?gn?f?c?nt t? sp??k ?f th? c?nf?rm?t??n ?f th? hyp?th?s?s, wh?ch w?s pr?b?bly du? t? th? f?ct th?t th? s?mpl? stud??d w?s t?? sm?ll.St?ll, th? study ?ppr??ch w?s n?v?l ?n th?t ?n ?bj?ct?v? m??sur? ?f s?r?n?ss w?s us?d, m?ss?g?s t?chn?qu?s w?r? st?nd?rd?z?d ?nd ?ctu?l m??sur?s ?f phys?c?l p?rf?rm?nc? such ?s v?rt?c?l jump, runn?ng sp??d ?nd ?g?l?ty w?r? us?d t? ?ss?ss th? ?ff?cts ?f m?ss?g? ?n D?MS. M?r? r?s??rch ?s n??d?d w?th ? l?rg?r s?mpl? s?z? ?nclud?ng m?l?s t? d?t?rm?n? wh?th?r m?ss?g? c?n h?v? ? th?r?p?ut?c ?ff?ct ?n r?c?v?ry ?f p?st-?x?rc?s? muscl? funct??n. Th? study m?y h?v? ? c?rt??n ?mp?ct ?n cl?n?c?l pr?ct?c?, such ?s th? ?nc?ur?g?m?nt ?f m?ss?g? f?r ?thl?t?s ?s c?rt??n p?s?t?v? ?ff?ct ?f th?s cl?n?c?l ?ct?v?ty w?s ?bs?rv?d.