In the article, "Angelina, George, Ben and Mia," Nicholas Kristof talks about finding inspiration and “moral leadership from — brace yourself — Hollywood’s most beautiful people. ” like Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Sean Pen and Olivia Walde. Kristof remembers his meeting with Jolie and talks about a new movie she is directing a movie, “In The Land of Love and Honey,” which is a story set in Bosnia that talks against genocide says Kristof. In Addition to that, he also mentions Ben Affleck and his humanitarian work at the Congo; Sean Pen and Olivia Wilde with their relentless philanthropic work in Haiti.Kristof closes his article by asking politicians in the United States to pay more attention to the “seriousness and moral purpose of, yes, celebrities.

” When we think of “famous celebrities” many of us quickly relate to Paris Hilton’s sex tape or the Kardashians “reality show,” the exotic fashion taste of Lady Gaga or maybe Who is going to marry who and how long their marriage is going to last. We hardly connect a “movie star” with humanitarian works. There is a good example like Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson.Michael did so many works effort to better society.

Jackson throughout his life volunteered his time and donated his money to causes around the world. Throughout his life Jackson supported numerous organizations. Besides his money, Jackson has also donated his time. He spent time with burn victims and soldiers returning home from war at Walter Reed Hospital. He donated his time and efforts to bring awareness of starving children in Africa and in the United States.Perhaps most importantly, Michael Jackson combined his amazing talents with his humanitarian efforts by producing music with a humanitarian message.

Be truthful, what other artists have produced music for radio play that talks about healing and changing the world. One of the songs he wrote about healing and changing the world is "We are The World. ” The song performed by Michael and a group of entertainers. The purpose of the song was to raise money and bring awareness to the plight of the People of Ethiopia who were in the midst of a famine.In all, the song raised over millions dollars.

Michael's humanitarian works are uncountable. Many people are growing up with Michael's songs, I am one of them. From his songs I got his message about people on the world, like you and me, should united and work together to a better future and society for you, or me and our next generations. By seeing his humanitarian works and knowing his humanitarian at heart make me want to follow his path because I belief that Micheal lead we can healing and changing the world.Sadly, Michael left us on 2003, but his spirit of better future is still living with us. Whether by money, time or message, Michael Jackson's legacy is the fact that he was a humanitarian at heart.

Celebrities like Michael Jackson and Angelina Jolie did a better works in the society than many Americans politicians. As Kristof once says in this article, "We’re finding authentic leadership these days not from our nominal leaders in Washington but from unelected (and mostly unelectable) figures whom we like to deride as self-indulgent narcissists.