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Mckown Government5 December 2017The Amendments     The twelfth amendment has to have the electors vote by ballot for president and vice president by which probable not be in a the same states. They should put there name on the ballot on who they are voting on. Whoever has the greater votes on the ballots is President and the one with the most votes on the ballots is vice President. But in choosing they have to be decided by the states. But if there is a tie the House of representatives would choose the last vote between.

(The 12th amendment)It approved by Congress on December9, 1803 ratified by the states on June 15, 1804. Mostly affected the president and who they ran got elected with. Somewhat affected citizens and who they were able to choose . we hadn't thought out process of election through.

We had a few kinks in our voting system. People didn't take major concern to this amendment. Had a larger effect to the candidates than the citizens the only thing that people were concerned with was the effect that they might have to change who they voted for. Only impacts us every four years when we elected a president. Does not affect us in our own lives.

The election of 1800 was one of the most important in American history and, probably, even in world history. First time on necessary leader was defended in on election. If both got majority vote, throw it to the House of Democratic-republican electors were not so sagacious. The tie has exposed deep problem in the 1787 system.The twentieth amendment is about the day that voting is done, which is on the twentieth day of January at noon. The congress assembles at least one every year, beginning at noon on the third of January unless the laws changes it.

If the president died the vice President should be the next president.  Ut if they have elected a different president then they is still vice president. If they can't get another president, then the House of Representatives chooses a president whenever it is right to choose. And if anybody else dies then the Senate chooses who gets the spot.

The purpose was to reduce the period of time between the election of the president of and members of congress, when they are in office. To a specific beginning and ending of the offices of electional offices.Historical period of the twentieth amendment they need four months to transport and put affairs in order. As technology improved less time was needed, so the amendment was created. There was no major changes after it was passed. The citizens didn't protest about the twentieth amendment.

The twenty -seconded elevated to the office of the President more than twice. No one has held the office of president or acted as president. Nobody should hold the office of president while this article has proposed to the Congress. During term  within the article become the operative from the holding of the office of president during the remainder of the term.

Section two the article is not working unless it has been ratified as a amendment to the constitution by legislatures of the several states, seven years from the date to its submission to states by congress. (The 22nd amendment)The purpose of the twenty-second amendment passed mainly because of World War Two. Citizens wanted a president they could trust while that harsh times of the wars. Simple do not hold on elections during the time of war. There has not been any changes to the amendment.The amendment was introduced in 1947 after FDR's sixteen years of Presidency.

Four years later it's ratified note FDR died on April 12, 1945. It was introduced two years later. Many presidents have tried to repeal the amendment for obvious reasons.The twentieth-third amendment was a diatric constitution seat of government in the united states appoint such a manner in Congress .

the number of of elections of the president and vice president equal in the whole number of Senators and Representatives in Congress. Which district would entitle if it were the states. But no event more than least states. They meet in the district and duties as provided in the twelfth article of amendment. Section two the Congress has power to cause this article to appreciate legislative. (The 23rd amendment)Ir changed America by adding the amount of electoral votes for President or officials.

D.C. residents wanted ot to be about to vote. Washington D.

C. is federally territory and doesn't have the same rights as the states. The purpose was to give residence to vote in the presidential election.The amendment was passed on March 29,1961. The final state to pass the amendment was Ohio. It was the twenty-eighth state to pass.

It was defeated into two sections. They argued that who was a greater population than thirteen of the other  states but they don't vote. The pay taxes and serve in the military.The twenty-fifth amendment is the cars of the removal of President from office. Section 2 is a vacancy in the of size of a vice President. President should nominate a vice president to take office upon a majority vote of both House of Congress.

Section 3 is the president transmitting the president pro tempore the senate and  speaker of the House of Representatives. The deceleration that he is unable to discharge powers l. They transmit them a written declaration of the contract. Powers and duties shall be discharged by vice president. Section 4 the executive departments as congress may be low provided. Its unable to discharge the powers and duties on his office.

Congress within 21 days after receipt of the latter written 21 days after. Congress required to assemble, two-thirds votes of both House that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of their house. Vice president shall continue to discharge sane as acting president otherwise the president shall resume powers and duties.( the 25th Amendment)The purpose is to describe what will happen is the current commander in chief is unable to fulfill his or hers duties. First section dies while in office, resigns, is removed by Congress then the vice president will take over.

History of it is deals with order of command so there is no vice, it goes to another person and so on. It overrides any other article giving powers to people of the president were to be killed or relieved of his duties. It's been used six times since its ratified.Works Cited"The 12th Amendment of the U.S.

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