The paper consists of an advertising campaign for an upcoming high-end perfume which will be presented to the management of the perfume company. The special features of the perfume, campaign’s key message, the unique selling proposition, the target audience, the selection of media and special promotions at the start of the campaign.


This perfume is a product for the high-end market produced by a well-known fashion house. The perfume will be launched in the United States in a couple of months and will be endorsed by famous celebrities. The target market is the young male population of the country aged between 25 and 40 who enjoy sophistication and luxury. The aim of this advertising project is to attract more customers who are luxury oriented and are young and energetic.

Campaign’s Key Message

The key message in the campaign is designed to be powerful and succinct which gives details to the target market quickly. The key message will consist of a single sentence which will sound interesting for the age groups and the socio-economic class that is being targeted. The key message will be “Pure Sexiness in a Scent Bottle” which will demonstrate the characteristic of the scent. This message will be included in every print ad, video ad, radio message and musical event.

The message represents the exclusive scent of the fragrance which tells the audience that the user of the fragrance will feel sexier and more confident. This will force the consumers to visit the shop and try the fragrance, if not make a purchase. The word ‘pure’ represents the unique flavor and aroma that will uplift the senses of a person.

Special Features of a New Perfume

The romantic and sexy fragrance of this new perfume is inspired by the purity of nature. The scent includes a base fragrance of spice and wood with a lush combination of sensual and sexy scent. The scent is quite familiar as it has a woody base but still it is as mysterious and complex as the heart. The unique smell is created with the beautiful herbs and flowers from the African forests.

The smell is fit for the culture that the social young fellows of today follow. The smell lingers for at least two days if the fragrance is applied to the clothes or other apparel. The consumer will not have any concern of reapplying the fragrance because the scent will linger for a long period of time than any other fragrances.

The scent comes beautifully packaged in a bottle that imitates the body of a muscular young man. The bottle has a lime green color that signifies the herbal and woody touch to the scent. The scent uplifts the senses if it is applied on the body of the clothes after a long day before leaving for a party, dinner, date or a formal meeting. The cap of the bottle is made of heavy stainless steel that is heavier than the bottle. The cap twists open and does not detach from the body of the bottle. The body of the bottle is made of light glass having green shades. The scent is fresh and warm which has a masculine touch reflecting the spirit of young life.