Inclded in this packag is the following info. Plese iss the corresd we spok abt. Did you understand these sentences? Probably, but that is not the point. The point is that the sentence is not grammatically correct and problems may follow with the intended party of this memo. In today's marketplace computer skills are the norm, but
many of today's workers do not possess professional academic writing skills.

A workshop would enhance and improve writing skills necessary to strengthen
the quality of service we offer our clients.
The changes in technology have introduced many different forms of communication with others in the workplace and with the clients. Unfortunately, basic writing skills need to achieve the intended goals has gone by the wayside. It is becoming rapidly easier to let the computer do much of the work.

Even though employees do not spend the same time updating their academic skills in the same manner as technology, we are increasingly finding it necessary.
With the introduction of the Internet, Email, Fax and Voicemail it is easy to allow the computer to do majority of the work without too much thought. Think about this; you have a message or a lengthy correspondence to send to a client or someone in the office. Next, you use spelling and grammar checker to review the paper. Without review, one click and off it goes.

Think about the problems that can entail from misspelling and misunderstanding. It is easy to rely on computers, but they are not infallible. Calculators along with basic math skills are a necessity. They should go hand in hand. The same goes for computers and writing skills.

To communicate effectively you need to write and speak clearly, and technology does not always cultivate this. How many times have we used email to communicate with someone across the room? How easy is it to walk across the room? "Advances in technology have changed the means through which we communicate at work. But email and voicemail can be a hindrance rather than a help if we do not know how to make the best use of them." Theobald (2004). The basic people skills of communicating face to face, if one is not careful can follow a former mode of communication, the typewriter. Dealing with different personalities in the workplace it is easy to insulate oneself within your private space and limit verbal correspondence.

Interpersonal skills are not easy. In the workplace, it's the ability to communicate with others effectively and create the special synergy where the work gets done and the office is regarded as a pleasant place to be. Zacharias, Gary, Fleischer, Savage, Devorah ( 2000) With disputes and misunderstanding that can occur between employees, building positive relationship is a priority. The recent concerns regarding the poorly written communication have created dissension. There are several steps that can be taken to foster a new and productive workplace.

Low morale in the workplace directly affects productivity and the financial goals of the company. It is important to allow employees to feel respected and valued. This can be achieved thru several ways including open communication and creating teams. Each employee should be given a forum to express their issues and concerns publicly or privately. Second building small teams will ensure employees are spending more face time and working on common goals. One suggestion could be contacting clients as a team and foster feeling of security and reassure them they will have a positive relationship as we proceed toward the future.

An employee must have effective team skills and self awareness to accurately perceive situations, self-management skills to balance work life and home life, and the ability to extract positive lessons from negative situations. Zacharias, Gary, Fleischer, Savage, Devorah ( 2000)
To ensure written communication to our clients is not only professional in appearance, but also grammatically correct; an academic workshop can be created for all to attend. Correct written communication skills will ensure a positive relationship with our clients. While technical knowledge and business acumen are critical to one's job, your communication skills can also make or break your success in today's workplace.

Hughes (2003). One suggestion is that the newly created teams can attend the training together. This will provide covering of the basic duties of the office by the remaining team. What is the point of this? Any client contacting members who are in training will feel secure that their needs are being met while the training is in session. This will create additional good will with the client.

How do you approach this idea to the employee? What approach is used will make all the difference between positive feedback versus negative. It is critical that management point out the benefits of this training. Construct the memo to the employees as an invitation instead of a demand. Point out the positive points of the training, such as an employee should not only possess the knowledge of technology and teamwork, but all forms of communication especially written.

An employee that dominates with these skills will be invaluable in the marketplace. The workshop will provide the employee with the correct use of grammar, the ability to write clear correspondence and reduce confusion. Today, with our fast-paced society, people are losing touch with why it's important to communicate well. If you can not communicate with your co-workers, customers and clients, whether in person, on the phone or through e-mail, it will surely affect your job performance. Zacharias, Gary, Fleischer, Savage, Devorah (2000).

Before the workshop begins schedule a half hour of gathering of the team before the training starts. The employer can provide a continental breakfast (donuts and coffee) and the team can fellowship before the training begins. This way the team can interface in a comfortable atmosphere without any deadlines or work that needs to be completed.How much revenue has been affected by incorrect communication to the client? Think about the time spent correcting work that was incomplete or unreadable. A client that can not understand the correspondence will expect the work to be corrected, and this will cause unnecessary additional time from the employee.

If the employee has to work overtime this is an additional expense to the company. An employee who has a low morale and feeling depressed and concerned about their job security may take unexpected sick leave. The chain reaction of these problems can directly affect the bottom line. A workshop sponsored by the employer can increase productivity and leave employees feeling valued and part of a team.

The benefits from the writing workshop will include; organization of your thoughts, clarity of messages sent, increase ability to be concise and clear, and lessened dependency on spelling checker. All these benefits along with becoming a better writer will be advantageous for the employee, client and employer.Any time that the client lacks trust in an employer's ability to do the job, it is imperative that this is rectified immediately. As previously mention the newly created teams can contact the clients to address any concerns. Working together on this issue, instead of individually will minimize the time taken from the normal work day. In the long run this personal touch will create a more positive working relationship.

Also, share with the client steps taken to make sure that the company has their best interest at heart. At the completion of the workshop the employee will possess an increase in confidence, along with the feeling that they have achieved another important soft skill, as well as spending quality time with members of their new team.Before the workshop the manager worked in an office filled with employees that felt a range of emotions from concern to depression. After the workshop, productivity has increased, employees are interacting positively with each other and you have a manager who is pleased with the results from the academic workshop.

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