As cities become bigger and cars less expensive, the numbers of automobiles on the road are likely to increase, worsening the problem of traffic congestion. As more people move to the edge of town and cities, traffic congestion may get worse. Many people will drive their cars into the city centre to get work. To address this, governments need to ensure that there are fewer cars on the roads, but individuals must do their part in support of official measures. There are three ways to reduce traffic congestion which is by improving the road infrastructure, car pooling and awareness campaign.

The first way that is suitable to take an action is by improving the road infrastructure. In this case, the government should take part which is they have to built an alternative ways or road. This is because there are many people that used the same road in every day especially in a big city. By adding the alternative road, the user can choose either one of road that they want to use. It can make the road become less crowded and the traffic congestion can be reduced. Besides that, wider the size of line at the road. For example, from two line become three line.

When the roads are become bigger, all the vehicle can move smoothly. Improving the road infrastructure can help to reduce the traffic congestion’s problem in a big cities. Secondly, the ways to reduce traffic congestion is carpooling or sharing car with friend. Nobody likes to sit in traffic. By car pooling, you’re doing your part to reduce the number of cars on the road. The more people who make that choice, the less traffic congestion there will be. People in big cities like Kuala Lumpur is more prefer using their own car.

Imagine that if there are have 50 000 people, it is mean there are have 50 000 car or transport on the road. It will affect the bad problem on the road like traffic congestion. If we sharing car with friends or carpooling, it will decrease an amount of car or transport on the road and can reduce this problem. Make sure during we are sharing car, we must to maximum people at least 4 until 5 person in car or more than one based on type of car. Other than that, with using this alternative, the time will not wasting and also decrease the air pollution because there are a few car and transport were used and produce less of smoke.

Take for example, we are going to work by sharing car with our neighbours and friends, so that the traffic congestion problem can we avoid because only a few of them are use car. Thus, carpooling or sharing car with friend is the way to reduce traffic congestion. One of the way to solve the traffic congestion is to organize the awareness campaign. A traffic jam may cause people waste a lot of time if the condition is worst and eventually ended up with late to work or to school. So, is very important for society to put in mind that to plan their time when they got out effectively to avoid by getting stuck in the middle in the road.

A worker should choose to go to earlier or walk to the workplace if possible. In conclusion, improving the road infrastructure, car pooling and awareness campaign are the three ways to reduce the traffic congestion’s problem in the big cities. Only by the combination of government policy and the acceptance by individuals of the responsibility for the problems related to the increasing number of cars in cities, can help to reduce this problem from keep happen. It is when individuals make a commitment to change that policy measures can be effectively implemented.