The most important things for a person in life is having the right job and the proper income in order to lead a comfortable life. Therefore games are a means of liberation from all the stress and the tension of a day at your working place. There is a large number of games people play nowadays; Some people believe that playing game accompanies with fun just when they win, but to me playing game has more meanings than that due to some significant reasons.

Firstly, games help us to ease the stress among human lives, different nations and effectively spent our leisure time. For instance: the football, millions of fans all over the world get together for enjoy some most popular games by forgetting all of their problem. They wish their team should perform better even they belong to different ethnic groups, nationalities but they become unity at least for that moment. Next thing, most of us get very busy during our office lives. Even we don’t have to care about our health, this can be even physical and mental health and keep us fit. Playing a game provide both this together exercise for our physical body as well as improve mental health by improving skills such like thinking ability this will cause us to remove our stress.

Secondly, games teach you know how to admit the real life is not easy to win. In the beginning, I felt delight only when I won. The time passed and I realized one of the principles of game that is usually one side wins and the other loses and no matter what the final result was, I play the game to satisfy myself. Life is full of examples of winning or losing a game, you can not reach all your dreams like you can not win every games and you have to get used to it. You will get stronger after losing a game.

Futhermore, It is fun to participate in a game if there is a competition. But if there is no competition and it is clear which side will win the game is not interesting for both sides. Such situations occur in cases when one side is too strong. I agree that in this case it is not fun to lose, but it is not fun to win either. Playing games is fun because there is a competition in games.