Shyrel Price Case Study: 4-B Team Fun Week 2 Assignment Human Resources Management 410 May 6, 2009 There is always an employee that will jeopardize co-worker jobs as well as their own, by making simple statement. These statements can reach top management and cause investigations, rule changes and even termination.

Team Fun management (Kenny and Norton) is not certain that Roberto or the two other employees are stealing from the company. There are too many areas within the company that need to be inventoried, books rechecked etc. efore they can blame their staff or being the process of enforcing discipline, implementing changes, and security measures. Roberto could have purchased his uniforms from an outside source (stolen or legal) and could have saved his money to purchase a new car.

He could have purchased the bad material from the company and paid a seamstress to make him new uniforms. Roberto didn't mention that two other employees had also received "self appointed bonuses".Management assumed he had two other accomplishes, which has now caused them to create more problems (legality issues, handbook revising, discipline procedures, and training) Tony suggestion of giving all employees a lie detector test was not quite accurate. The testing is legal under certain circumstances. They can only test individuals they have investigated and believe are guilty of organizational financial loss.

They are not sure if Roberto and his co-workers have committed any wrong doing. According to the United States Department of Labor (2009), The Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 allows special exemptions to test employees. To employees who are reasonably suspected of involvement in a workplace incident that results in economic loss to the employer or injury, such as theft or embezzlement and who had access to the property that is the subject of an investigation; and the a written or verbal statement must be provided to the employee prior to the polygraph test which explains the specific incident or activity being investigated and the basis for the employer's reasonable suspicion that the employee was involved in such incident or activity.Assuming the employer follows procedure, an employee's refusal to submit to a polygraph under these circumstances can be used as grounds for discharge.

" The disadvantages of lie detector employer violations of the law leave an employer liable for money damages, including but not limited to lost wages and benefits, court orders stopping violations, and a civil fine of up to $10,000. Tony should inform Kenny and Norton that it is legal to drug test some employees, but the policy should cover all employees in a specific job category (heavy machinery) or have risky jobs.Texas Workforce Commission (2009) states, " It is also legal to fire a employee that refuse to sign an acknowledgment of policy; but that should not be done until and unless the employee has been warned, preferably in writing and witnessed by others, that discharge can result from refusal to sign. " An employer needs to state their policy on drug testing, substance abuse, and privacy. They need to educate employees on conditions and consequences of failing the drug test and how the test will be conducted and handled.

It is essential to carefully draft the policy and consider the various legal issues before implementing and testing employees. (DeCenzo, 2007) The employees hand book will be beneficial in helping organizations and employees fully understand discipline and the consequences of unethical behavior as well as the benefits, history, and goals of the organization. The employee can also use the hand book as reference, when they have a question or desire to better understand rules of the workplace.The hand book will also help employers challenge legal issues if an employee file law suits against.

Once Team 4 has the proper information and enlighten (meeting/training) the employees of the handbook revisions; they can proceed to administering discipline for violators employed within their organization. These guidelines will include making disciplinary actions include; progressive and correcting, providing employees with ample, be consistent, impersonal, and immediate (hot-stove rule); these tools help manager make fair, consistent, and legally defensible disciplinary decisions.Tony has explained to Kenny and Norton that a smart card is an electronic recording device which verifies the cardholder's identity and any privileges to which the cardholder may be entitled. Organizations are using the smart card to authenticate the user and provide a variety of applications, such as, providing information that can be helpful in maintaining security, confidentiality, business transactions and other pertinent information.

The smart card will be beneficial to the organization to help with monitoring employees movement within the organization at all times, this will help curtail theft and maximize productivity. The organizational cultural issues that evolved in Team 4 were the suspicion of employee theft, quality control, accounting, machine problems and production issue that resulted in employee's breech of organizational values, ethics moral, motivation and trust.Team 4 must create a spiritual organization; while providing employees with a purpose and motivation to help them with reaching their full potential to help maximize productivity, low cost and safe happy work environment. It may be a challenge to begin the process of revising organizational dysfunction or norms but with implementing policy, enforcing discipline while allowing employees to see the rules as creating a safe productive work place there will be a minimum of non compliance from staff. References All Business. com.

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