Development, Performance and reward, Employee Engagement and Employee relations.

The behaviors describe the 8 key behaviors each HRS professional needs to be successful within their role. Each behavior Is described across each of the band levels. The eight behaviors are; Role Model, Curious, Decisive thinker, Skilled Influencer, Personally credible, collaborative, Driven to deliver and courage to challenge. Bands and transitions describe the four band of professional competence and the three transition pathways which describe what HRS professionals need to do in order to progress to the next band.The four bands range cover the spectrum of roles within HRS from HRS Administrator (Band 1) right up to HRS Director (Band 4.

) comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, Identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or My Chosen area of the CUPID Profession Map to focus on is Service Delivery and information. Within my role as HRS Coordinator at McCormick I-J, I have identified the key activities at Band 1 which I feel are essential to my role; "10. 1. 1 Ask the right questions and collate data to understand customer need".Within my role at McCormick I support many individuals within my role, including HRS Managers, my line manager and employees, it is important that I understand the needs of all customers.

"10. 3. 1 Use available technology effectively to access relevant HRS content to resolve customer issues. " I am able to use our HRS system, SAP to access personal data to assist HRS Managers, raise contracts, letters etc. I also run post payroll reports and ad hoc reports.

Lastly, I support employees with our HOC system Success Factors as it has only recently been launched.I have provided training sessions for employees ND continue to train new starters. "10. 7. 1 Comply with organizational procedures and legislative requirements" I am required to follow the company policies and procedures at all times and to refer employees to the correct policies and procedures when needed. As part of my role I have to ensure that all paperwork which goes through to payroll (New starters, leavers, promotions etc,) has to be signed by an HRS manager and the line manager as we need to ensure that we are complying to SOX controls.

Secondly, when a new employee Joins the Company, I am required to take a copy of their passport/visa on heir first day with the company and record the information on a spreadsheet which we may be asked to provide to auditors at any time. I also store electronic copies of all right to work documents in our HRS drive which is only accessible to HRS employees. "10. 16. 1 Continuously seek to identify ways to improve, challenging current practice and suggesting a better way. " I am currently working on two main projects within my current role at McCormick.

The first project involves improving the new employee induction process.On a new employees first morning I meet with them to take them wrought essential company information and secondly to ensure that we have taken the copies of the right to work documentation and qualification certificates. I am working on a presentation to make the induction more engaging for new starters. I have also been working on improving the Spice Starters induction day. Vie worked with employees across all functions in the business to update and improve the presentation, and we have also added a new session into the induction day to inform new employees about our Sensory and Consumer Science department.

We hope this ill encourage more employees to take part in the daily tasting session we are invited to attend. The second project I'm working on is using Subcontractors, we hope to be able to send all documents in our offer pack electronically through the system. At present we are required to send contracts, offer letters, and other offer quite costly to send in the post, and can take some time to arrive with the new employee. If we are unable to use Subcontractors to send the offer pack, I am hoping to issue the offer letter and contract by post accompanied with a memory stick eliding all of the relevant policies and procedures.

Activity 2 With reference to your own (or other identified) HRS/L role, outline how an HRS/L practitioner should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective. You should include: Understanding customer needs (include examples of 3 different customers and 1 need for each, and explain how you would priorities conflicting needs) Three examples of different customers and one need for each are as follows: Employee contacts me to ask a question about Subcontractors HRS Manager requests a contract and offer letter to be raised for a new starterPayroll manager advises that the audit reports need to be completed so we are able to send payroll on time. I would priorities the tasks above by urgency. The first task I would undertake in the examples above would be to complete the payroll audit reports. This entails running a number of reports from SAP and cross referencing the reports with the change forms which HRS have submitted for the month in question.

I usually only have a few hours to complete the audit checks before the Compensation and Benefits Analyst is required to send the back payment.The second most important task would be to ease the new starter contract and offer letter and get the pack out in the post to the potential new employee. This is important as the new starter will need to receive their offer in writing before they can hand in their notice in their current role. The least important task would be to contact the employee regarding a Subcontractors question. This is still important, as we are really encouraging our employees to use Subcontractors we want to be able to provide support to them if needed. I would hope to be able to respond to any such requests within 48 hours.

Effective immunization (include examples of 3 different communication methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each) Three effective communication methods are: Team meeting Advantages - Convenient way to discuss problems, and draw up a list of actions for dynamic. You can also get instant feedback from your colleagues. Disadvantages - Colleagues availability, not sticking to the agenda, and if there is a lack of rapport within the team. Face to Face Advantages - can be more efficient than having a conversation over email, more personal, improves rapport, gets to the point quicker.Disadvantages - can take anger, no "audit trail" evidence, unsuitable for some people.

Email Advantages -cost effective, efficient, can be sent at any time of day, provides an audit trail. Disadvantages - emails can be misinterpreted, can take longer than having a face to face conversation, lack of rapport. Effective service delivery (include: delivering service on time, delivering service on budget, dealing with difficult customers, handling and resolving complaints) Activity SLAP Delivering Services On Time Requests for Contracts, Letters and references will be dealt with by the HRS Coordinators within 48 hours.Every month HRS Coordinators work with the HRS managers to ensure that any staff changes (New starters, leavers, promotion etc,) are passed to payroll by the cut off date each month to ensure that there are no errors with employees pay Delivering Service on Budget The HRS Directors at McCormick are responsible for their own budget, therefore they need to ensure that they will not go over budget by the end of the financial year.

As part of my role I look after the company car fleets. If an employee leaves the business I am responsible for working with the HRS Managers to re-allocate existing company cars in the pool, this has an impact on budget.Dealing with difficult customers There are occasions when employees come to the HRS department when they are upset or angry. In this situation, I would take the employee to a quiet room, offer them a drink, and then find the appropriate HRS Manager for them to discuss their problem with. Handling and resolving complaints In my current role, the complaints I deal with are relating to the company car fleet.

I am responsible for passing on all complaints to our company car providers. They have a SLAP of 2 days to respond to the complaint. The complaint should be resolved within a timely manner.