The professional areas are deferent skills and specialists that are within HRS. Employee elation and resounding talent would be two examples. The eight behaviors are characteristics you need to have to be able to succeed as an HRS practitioner, these Include being a decisive thinker and being a role model. The bands show the level of competency and knowledge you are required to have at each stage of your career.

The map can be used for an individual, a team or even the whole organization.The map covers all aspects of the profession whether it be large or small. The core of the map shows two professional areas which are strategies, insights and solutions and leading HRS. These are at the core because regardless what level you re at in your career you must be able to demonstrate the skills required in these two areas to be In any HRS role. They are fundamental to any organization.

Insights, Strategy and solutions: This area focuses on the understanding of the organization you work In and the development of that.This could include collating Ideas and observations from colleagues and trying to Influence polices and put forward ideas in band one to assessing the social and economic environment to create change in an organization which would demonstrate skills from band four. Of all the behaviors there are some that are required more In certain professions. Being able to demonstrate yourself as a skilled influencer would be very beneficial in this area as you could be required to influence the stakeholders or senior management to go ahead with your proposed changes or the need to influence the organization with new policies.

Being curious would be another behavior required for this as you would want to seek ways to develop the organization and add value, to do this you would need to actively develop understanding of the sector you are In and all that encompasses that to make effective decisions. Collaborative is another behavior and this would link well with the Curious I OFF band one and going up the bands you are able to effectively work with a range of people inside your organization and outside. You are able to bring people together to make positive decisions for the organization.Leading HRS: This core professional area is about maximizing the contribution you, the whole HRS function or the specialist function make on the organization. You should always be aware of any issues or threats to the organization and priorities the needs of the business. Within band one you are able to provide sound advice and understanding based in the organizations policies and within band four you are able o lead and develop whole functions or organizations.

The development of being a role model is required in this profession as all the competency levels require you to lead by example and encourage positive change.You are able to set the standards required for the organization which will then be conveyed to the rest of the business. The courage to challenge is going to always be a requirement for an HRS practitioner and is an important behavior. Within this professional area you would need to stand by your decisions and be ready to face difficult questions and provide absentia evidence to prove the need for your proposals.

Driven to deliver is the underpinning of being a good HRS practitioner as you need to show consistency and determination to deliver the best HRS you can.Showing ways to work efficiently and effectively are strong characteristics required for this behavior and within the professional area of leading HRS. Employee Relations: This professional area is necessary to be able to keep good working relations between employers and employees. The HRS act as the go between to ensure the employers are acting appropriately and the employees are managed erectly. This is all done by having clear frameworks within the organization and by abiding the relevant employment law.

To be able to do this you need to be personally credible and able to develop your own skills and performance to convey the right message to others. Within higher bands your skills would be efficient to mentor and coach others across the organization and to highly impact key decisions within the business. Within employee relations many situations could arise including uncomfortable and highly sensitive ones so being a decisive thinker is very important. You are able to identify the most appropriate solution which will resolve any employee issue but will also be supporting the organization.

Leading negotiations with unions and so forth would require decisive thinking and to not become complacent as this could damage the organization. Worldwide. I would place myself in band one at present but in some areas I show skills and behaviors from band two. My main professional area currently would be service delivery and information and this is where I have developed many of the band two competencies. I Maintain and develop the HRS database, I also consolidate and send out information required by the business.