Final draft DESIREE’S BABY, by Kate Chopin Desiree’s Baby, by Kate Chopin, describes a girl who was adopted by Monsieur and Madame Valmonde. Madame Valmonde loved Desiree very much because she was beautiful and gentle, affectionate and sincere. Desiree was married to Armand Aubigny. When she had a baby, Armand was pleased. However, he had changed since he realized that the baby was not white and he assumed that Desiree was not white. One day, Armand and his wife had an argument with each other, after that Desiree left L’Abri.

Finally, she walked off into a deserted field and never be seen again although Madame Valmonde asked Desiree and the baby to return to Valmonde estate. At the end of the story, Armand knew that his mother belonged to the race that was cursed with the branch of slavery on account of her letter. Among all characters portrayed in this story, I am interested in Madame Valmonde the most for some reasons. First, she loved Desiree as an apple of her eyes although the girl was not her own child. Second, Madame told her adopted child to come back home when Armand stopped loving her daughter and the baby.

Last, this character has given me an image that mother is always a warm, lovely person. Moreover, she would accept whatever her children have done. What I have significantly learnt from the story is that racism is unacceptable and it may affect your life too. I can see that Armand changed when he had became a racist. He was not pleased with his family on the ground that the baby was not white. As a result, his family was broken. One more important thing that I have learnt is careless in making decision.

Being too rash to judge someone or something gives many bad feedbacks. As an example in the story, Armand thought that his son was not white on account of Desiree, but actually it was not. Besides this, Armand found out his mom was a branch of slavery which led his son to be black because of his ancestors. Eventually, he might have suffered from what he had done to his wife and son. After I read the story, I like it very much. I would recommend this story to my friends, so they can learn more for their own and get more experiences from Armand’s mistakes.