With this, we can Indirectly attract parents' attention and this leads to quality convincing and brand loyalty throughout all the stages of babies growth, be it with doctors' advise or just sharing stories among other parents. The 4-Level of Prizes is another promotion strategy that we are strongly convinced on.

Customers are physiologically driven to keep buying Pampers' products in order to accumulate points and redeem prizes. In the view of product innovation, we Pampers are going to improve our products by offering a wider range of sizes, thicker in breath and CEO friendly diapers.For example, due to the increase in the customer's awareness of the environment, Pampers will market green diapers where each product line Is developed to the stage of a baby toddler's life accordingly. In budget sense, Pampers is contributing Increasing profit to Procter & Gamble by reaching profit up to USED 5369 million In year 2008. This number later climbed up to grow our business and greater shareholder and stakeholder value by bringing innovations to the marketplace that can upgrade the living standards of consumers at all economic levels.ACTION PROGRAMS Product (What will be done? Innovation on thicker diapers with scent will be done.

Since urine and motion create bad doors, Pampers researchers proposed that diapers come with scent and thicker in breadth to absorb heavy leakages without any dour for long hours. A bigger range of size choices will also be offered to solve the problem of limited sizes available in market to fit all babies in every stages. Also, we are offering CEO friendly diapers whereby these green diapers can be cleaned easily and recyclable. Price (What will be done? Pampers must set reasonable prices based on its proposed production cost on f what prices their competitors are offering in the market.

If the prices set is higher than consumer's expectation, consumers will be more likely to turn to the competitors' products. Place (what will be done? ) Products should be placed at visible stores to create customers based awareness. Among the places that are suitable to distribute Pampers samples are places like parents workshop, nurseries, supermarket, etc. Promotion (what will be done? ) Pampers can roll commercial ads using different types of mediums such as TV's and radios.Also, marketers can make utilize on blobbing network.

Website posting by some floggers who are also new parents can be role models for their followers can be useful too. BUDGETS Pamper Baby Dry diapers budgets is to achieve the target profit and compete with other competitor from year 2008 to 2010. An year 2008 and 2009,Pamper decided to sales the product (Baby Dry Diapers) about $5,395 million and $5500 million. Pampers do advertising,promotion and distribution to achieve the target profit. The total expenses used in years 2008 and 2009 is $26 million and $29 million with the difference $3 million. N years 2010,Pampers sales is $5775 million with the total expenses $39 million.

Therefore,Pampers target profit from years 2008 to 2010 is $5,369 million and $5,736 million. Overall,pampers can get profitable within this few years is due to the advertising,promotion and distribution. CONTROLS Procter & Gamble Company are very positive to attain their company objective. They try to increase their company visibility, using market share analyzing to compete with others competitors and focusing in quality control to attract the Asia market.CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION Market Description: Pampers entered the market in year 1961 and has become one of the dominator in America. In year 2008, Pampers announced that it would increase prices between 6% and 8% due to the increase in the price of raw materials.

On the other hand, there is a number of customers who were aware of the environmental issues. Therefore, cloth into the impact on the prices and the environment issues. Pampers continues to make offers and green diapers to satisfy customers' needs.Product Review: In 2009, USA Market sales reached $5500.

17 million with 51 . 1% gross profit in June 2009. The product mix for pampers is broad and contains specific deep line. Pampers Baby Dry had the deepest line with different sizes of diapers and each product had been developed to the stage of a bays toddlers life accordingly. Pampers used yellow color to convey comfort in the consumer' minds and provided different sized packages. Lastly, Pampers Baby Dry diapers offers thicker diapers with scent to add comfort for long hours.

Competitive Review: Pampers' main competitor in USA is Huggins by Kimberly-Clark, an America corporation. And they represented almost 80% of the total sales of US market in 2009. In general, Pampers' market share increased progressively contrasting to Huggins'. Huggins depends mainly on retail outlets and ran promotion by spending $9. 1 million on ads and radio. Distribution Review: The Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark have been able to differentiate their lines from private label through more premium product, Americans veered away from the branded manufacturers in 2009.

Besides, the rising cost of raw materials causes the price increases in year 2009 and these rises were tempered by the heavy influence which private label has on the category. However, in October 2007, Kimberly-Clark Corp. announced will increase prices by between 4% and 7% in year 2008 to help lance the rising costs of production. In addition, The Procter & Gamble would increase prices by between 5% and 8%,while the sales will only increase by 1% in 2008. The intensive of the pampers, is allowing them to reach their target market by staying competitive with their biggest competitor Huggins.Pampers can easily found in grocery, drugstores and retail store such as Hypermarket and etc.

Lastly, Pampers products are convenience product distributing their product in many stores to maintain their market share an d ensure that their brand is always the best. MARKETING STRATEGY Product strategy Pampers will offer the product with all the features that described in the product review section. Pampers also design colorful package to attract more consumers' attention and stand out from the other competitive brands.Pampers is a brand that always inspired by babies needs by keeping them comfortable, hygiene and dry. The example of product that offered by Pampers is Pampers New baby Sensitive, Pampers Easy Up pants, Pampers Change Mats and so on. Pampers tend to design their consumers can purchase the Swaddled line for newborn babies and for the babies that crawl and 2 years above.

In fact, customer can choose their product by finding suitable product for their bays individual needs by choosing Pampers. Pricing Strategy Pampers have wide variety choice in market, It's an advantage to increase pampers unit sales.To competitive with others company, Pampers Company chose non price competition to focusing on their product quality. If customers satisfy with the product quality , they will loyal with ours product . Pampers Company chose to maintain their product quality because the developing countries already have their domestic product and it's relative cheaper than pampers product Added that, days parent are more focus on product quality than product price, they want to give the best for their child.

If compare with others brand like Huggins , Pampers is more economically and many family can affordable.Distribution Strategy The pampers marketing of distribution intensity is very high. Pampers are the needed for babies, company will chose the suitable places to distribute their product so that it will easy for customers to reach their product. Pampers can be found at nearest grocery, convenience store , drugstore and retail store such as Wall- Mart . Because pampers are convenience product, so the place is important to nominative with others brand and distributing their product at many places will make it more easy for customer to reach their product .The transportations that supply by pampers are trucks, waterways,airways and so on to ensure that the product are enough to satisfy customers need .

Promotion To compete with others brand , The Procter & Gamble company found out that, their main pampers users are babies , to increase their sales they do a lot of research and development . They use doctors influence as a strategy to attract parents it is because doctor have more knowledge about newborn baby than others seller at arrest.Besides that , parent will more trusted at doctor and if doctor advise parent to not use more lightly pampers and suggest parent to use ours product , once they go market, they still will choose ours product as first choice . This is the power by attitude of others. By the way, pampers also provide collect merit point per purchase. The higher the point they accumulates, the bigger the prize they can redeem using merit point.

Let can attract more buyers and raise company volume sales . Advertising are one of the promotion . Pampers advertise their product to increase the public consciousness.