Edward Glacial and our assisting school director Mr.

. Antonio Al. Camelot a system entitled "Consultation Record Keeping System". I am appealing to your good office to allow me to have an interview with regard to the different processing transactions done in the clinic and other relevant information of the said subject matter. I believe that I could make this study useful in the application of creating a system that would help the clinic in your daily transactions, with you full support and cooperation.

I hope for you approval in this matter.Brenda lay Cave DRP. Vaccine C. De la Penn Doctor Rationale Computers have changed the way we are living forever. Every person in this world should have the skill of dealing with computers because they have come with unbelievable features and functions.

They do work faster than any human by programming the desired work and let it be done by computers, facilitate the educational process by presenting and finding information clearly and rapidly. There is no doubt when we said that computer is the greatest inventions ever made in the history.As part of this, people have become more conscious and are taking necessary steps to ensure that they have a sound body and mind - that is why everyday many come to clinics or any health facility for check-ups and treatments. This study is bringing about the MGM Health Care Children's Clinic an automated one. It means that I am making a system that can improve the way of processing of transaction in the clinic with less time and effort for keeping.

MGM Health Care Children's Clinic needs an improvement when it comes to its transaction processing.With the help of this automated or computerized "Consultation Record Keeping System" of MGM health Care Children's Clinic it well have an easy access and easy way in processing transactions, the doctor and staff will have a secure and efficient way of storing data of the patients. The Problem Problems under manual system of the clinic The main purpose on this study entitled "Computerized Patient Record System" is to update and upgrade the manual processing transaction of MGM health care children's clinic into an automated way. It provides the answer of the following problem below:Poor Data Storage: All of the date for patient's information is stored in filing cabinets, and it could be misplaced anytime due to human error. Slow Retrieval of Data: The profile information of patients is hard to retrieve especially if the date is not arrange orderly.

Time consuming: It is time consuming for finding or retrieving data of patients that result into patients.