The secretary will list the name of the godparents and collect amount for registration.

The problem of the secretary of the church is she has the hard time to find records when a celebrant claims his or her baptismal certificate, Marriage Certificate and death certificate and to have a list or copy of the record. She has the hard time to determine which godparents for the baptism has not yet pall for the registration and he has no back up of the other records when the celebrant claim his or her original copy.The secretary is the only one who works for the recording process of all Information about the celebrant. The best solution of the problem of the secretary was to have a Computerized Record Management System that will generate easily the records or information of the celebrant. The automated record management system will make the process easier and faster for the secretary to work on because she works alone for the process of generating the record.

1.The purpose of this study is to make it faster and easier for secretary to find the records or future records of the celebrant of the baptism. The proposed project will make the process more efficient and simply and it will lessen the time consumed in writing the information of the celebrant. The user requires recording their information for the future reference or copy of the baptismal certificate, Death certificate and marriage certificate that will be saved In the database.

User will be able to view and print the record.