1.The blinking tag does not work in IE, it only works in Netscape, so dont try it.2.

The multicol tag is only recognized by Netscape, not IE.3.Easy way to add background sound to web page- *bgsound scr=example.wav*

When defragging hard drive, all running applications should be shut down.5.Networking computers, Must have crossover cables at end of host computer if you are not using a hub.6.Iomega Zip drives are known to have conflicts with Microsoft Windows 98.

7.Ie: they lock up and you have to reboot before you can get the disk out.8.Networking computers, Must specify which files and printers to share on each computer by manually going to each device on your control panel or my computer and right clicking on it, and modifying the share feature.

9.Broadband technology, -Static DSL is someone who has a never changing IP address.10.-Dynamic DSL is when an IP address changes every time the user logs on
11.-Dynamic IP advantage hackers cant get in as easy

-Static IP advantage connection is always there ,no logging on
13.-DSL performance can be affected by poorly manufactured 900mhz phones.14.-Typically a user must be within 15000-17000 feet of a central phone station to get DSL service
15.- You must have a filter on each phone line jack that is not using the DSL

- When installing the network card for DSL service, you must install the driver
for that card before you install the card itself.17.To stop programs from running on their own every time you start up your computer, go to
start run then type msconfig, then go to the startup tab and uncheck the programs that are not essential to your computers well being.18.To see how far a message goes on the internet or how the backbone of your internet provider looks, go to msdos prompt and type ping yahoo.

com, its pretty cool to see how many hops there are.19.When saving web pages and their links for use offline or at a later date you must save the page and what it is linked to if you want the links to work.20.When burning cds all screen savers or sleep modes should be turned off or they will interfere with the cd creation process and could corrupt it.21.

After deleting all the items off a floppy disk, you must format the disk before you can use the entire space of the disk again.22.When scanning pictures on HP scanners, these are good guidelines:
1.100 dpi is good enough for a web page
2.300 dpi is good enough for an 8x10 picture to be printed out.23.

To print at you printers full resolution you must set the dpi every time you print or set a custom setting to be in effect all the time.24.If you cannot defrag your hard drive because you cant shut down all running applications, reboot in safe mode and try it. When done, reboot in regular mode and it should be defragged.

25.When working with Photoshop, if you save a picture in Photoshop format instead of using jpeg format, the file size will be tremendously bigger. Use Photoshop format only when you need to for project reasons.26.

When creating a cd, if you want to add information on it at a later time, you must choose the option of leaving the session open, that way you can go back later and keep recording on it.27.Steps to fix a corrupted MP3 file that is halting cd creation process:
i.Rerecord it on your computer as a new wave file.ii.

Then use MusicMatch or a similar program and convert it back to an MP3.28.Media players for your computer are very greedy. When you install them, be careful of the options you choose because most media players will try to take over priority on all types of media.

29.DSLreports.com is a good web site to trouble shoot an existing DSL line for performance.30.When installing anything inside your computer such as a network card or video card, you must shut the computer off first.

31.If no sound will come out of speakers you can troubleshoot with these suggestions,
Are they plugged in?
Are they plugged into the correct outlet on your soundcard?
Is your volume set to mute on Windows or any other media player you have?
32.When typing into a computer from a piece of paper, it is good to have the paper even with the screen and at the same height so your eyes dont have to focus as much.Computers can be networked together even if they have different versions of Windows.

My house for instance has Windows 98, 95, and ME.