In order to get the desired employment one needs to go through various recruitment processes such as written test, group discussions, practical exams, presentations, psychometric tests , telephonic Interviews, face-to-face Interviews etc. Among all processes face-to-face interview is the most important process and therefore, a candidate needs to be very careful while appearing in interviews. If a candidate Is recently passed out from his or her college then, the first interview becomes very crucial.While appearing in first interview first time job seekers have various queries ND due to the uncertainty, sometimes It becomes stressful for the candidate to pass the interview process.

According to a recent study, it has been seen that out 100 only 30 candidates are able to pass the first time Interview. It Is not that candidate Is not qualified for the Job or has less knowledge about the subject, but due to lack of confidence and improper presentation of themselves candidates often miss the Job opportunity. However, If candidate follows some basic steps he or she can pass the interview in better manner.Here are some tips that can help first time job seekers while appearing In iris job interview: o Candidate should wear appropriate clothes for an interview and that should be completely formal in nature.

O Before appearing in interview, always carry a copy of resume with you. You should always go through your resume content and dates. So that you can answer questions without referring the copy of resume. Consumes It happens; candidates do not know what Is written on resume and If interviewer asks about the same, candidates are unable to answer.

Therefore, mention only those points that you can answer about. Before entering Into interview room, always take formal permission by saying "May I come in please". Greet your interviewer with suitable greeting like "Good Morning, "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening" whichever Is applicable. Do not take your seat until you are asked to do so.

Candidate should not offer a hand shake from his or her side until interviewer offers for the same. Be careful while filling up the recruitment form before appearing the interview.Details filled up in the form should be matched with details mentioned on your resume. While introducing yourself, avoid words like "myself".

You should always introduce yourself by saying "l am" followed by your name. Education qualification should be mentioned in present-to-previous order. Do not talk about your family In much detail until that Is asked by Interviewer; Instead provide only basic information about your family background and members. You can mention your career goal and objectives at the end of your introduction. Ђ If you are asked about your hobbies and interests; you should always be prepared for the examples for them.

For example, If you have mentioned reading newspapers is your hobby then, you should know about famous newspapers and current headlines to avoid the awkward situation. Ђ Candidate should listen carefully and attentively 1 OFF understand the actual question and is in hurry to answer. If you do not understand the question, you can always clarify the question from interviewer and make request to take some time to answer.However, make sure do not interrupt interviewer during questioning.

It may be annoying for interviewer. During first interview most of the questions are asked from your academic background and subjects. Therefore, candidate must have knowledge of major concepts of related subjects. During interview it is not always important to showcase all your knowledge or skills you josses.

Present only those which are relevant to the Job you have applied for. In this way, you can show your strong skill sets and knowledge that shows your focused approach towards a task. ЂYou should know about your strong skill sets, accomplishments that distinguish you from other candidates. You should highlight them whenever is required while answering questions.

However, make sure that you highlight only relevant accomplishments and skills that may help to get the said Job. Be ready for questions about your Strengths & Weaknesses. You should be aware about your strong skills and weaknesses. Always prepare your real life example to justify your strengths, it validates that you are genuine while presenting your strengths.While talking about weaknesses, avoid mentioning your emotional weaknesses; instead in place of weakness you can use term like "areas of improvement". While dealing questions like "Why should we hire you" it is important to showcase your interest, confidence, enthusiasm and trust about the company and Job.

You should mention your few strong areas that differentiate you from others, that will help interviewer to evaluate you in much better manner. Make ere, you do not show desperation or over-enthusiasm to get the Job. It gives an impression that you are less stable and have less patience. Ђ Avoid discussing about the salary during the interview until it is asked.

In general, there is separate discussion held with the HRS for salary negotiations where you can clarify all details related to salary. Before appearing in interview, you should always do basic research about the company, its products or services, competitors, key management people and an overview of the related industry. You should be aware about the Job profile you are applying for. After the interview, you can discuss with the interviewer about the exact Job profile and responsibilities. Ђ Punctuality is very important while appearing in an interview, therefore to avoid any awkward situation always try to reach before time. In this way you can observe the office environment and prepare yourself for the interview.

After completion of interview, always thank the interviewer for his or her time and do not forget to ask for the next step of hiring process. In this way, by following above steps, the first time Job seekers can prepare themselves for their first interview and perform in much better manner.