Airah Mary Michaela Diaz (Task: Indonesia) Maegan Martinez (Task: Philippines) South Asia | Philippines| Indonesia| Type of Government| -known as the Republic of the Philippines. Is a sovereign state in SEA. -it is called republic or democratic form of government, where the power is in the hands of the people. -it has three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. | -Republic of Indonesia – official name of the country means “Island of the Indies”-Head of government – President| Political History| -Discovery of katipunan (Aug. 19,1892)-Dr. Jose Rizal was killed by the Spaniards in bagong bayan or luneta park (December 30, 1898)-Philippine Independence (June 12, 1898)-death of President of Ramon Magsaysay (March 17, 1957)-The assassination of Senator Ninoy Aquino (August 21, 1983)-Proclamation of Martial Law by President Marcos on September 21, 1972| -October 1908- the first nationalist movement was formed, Budi Utomo-September 10, 1912- first nationalist mass movement was formed – Sarekat Islam-by December 1912 Sarekat Islam had 93,000 members-The repression of the nationalist movement led to many arrests, including Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, who was imprisoned for olitical activities on December 29, 1929| Questions: 1. ) In what aspect does the government of Asian countries differ from one another? The government of Asian countries differ from one another by the laws, each government have different laws that people must obey and respect. Another one is the kind of government, there are many kinds of government in Asia like democratic, communist, federal republic and many more. They have their own government to follow. And in Asian countries, they have a leader who can make their country much better. 2. ) As a student, what concrete actions do you do to prove that you are pro government? As a student, I will obey and respect the laws of the government. I will simply apply the rules and regulations of our government and I will prevent myself from violating the rules. To be a role model to other students like throwing the trash to its proper dance. 3. How are they similar? They are similar on their type of government. 4. ) Disadvantages and advantages of the political system on the countries implementing it. The advantages of the political system are that it makes the country in order. It also makes the country to develop and also to organize the things in their place. The disadvantages are that sometimes the leaders cheat the country. They sometimes get money in the fund of their country; it affects the country’s progress. References: - Collier’s Encyclopedia #18 p. 685-694 - Lexicon universal encyclopedia - The new book of knowledge, volume I p. 218 - http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/HistoryinIndonesia