The rivalry between cats and dogs has been going on what seems forever now.

These two animals have a long history of simply not getting along. Why though? Why is it that these animals cannot get along with each other? It's because they are different from each other in so many ways. There really isn't anything that these two have in common besides their mutual relationship with humans.Their physical characteristics are different, they do not think alike, they behave differently, they have efferent abilities, and even having them as pets is two completely different experiences. Its almost as if they are programmed to be opposites.

The most arguable difference between cats and dogs is their relationship with humans and having them as pets. Some people say dogs are man's best friend, when there are also people who swear cats are the better companion. Either way, raising and having a cat or cats as a pet and raising and having dog or dogs as a pet are two completely different experiences.Training a dog is simple, for they look at their owner as their leader.

Simple commands such as sit and come can be taught as easily as rewarding them with a treat when they do the right thing. House training gets a little harder, when they use the bathroom inside punish or scold them. When they go outside reward them. They will eventually get the idea but it takes a little more time.

Simple reward and scold methods will work for training most dogs. Cats on the other hand are very difficult if not impossible to train. For the most part, in order for them to do any tricks, they are going to have to want to do them.Luckily, they are clean animals and over the years have instinctively learned to use the throat in a litter box in which they will then neatly cover up the mess they made. If the cat happens to be mischievous then its very hard to get them to learn what is wrong from right because if you scold or punish them to much they will avoid you all together.

Also, cats clean and maintain themselves regularly which meaner they do not necessarily need baths. Dogs, however, will happily roll around in mud and dirt on purpose and not even remotely clean themselves besides shaking themselves dry flinging whatever, wherever.The behavior and abilities of cats and dogs and cats are polar opposites even outside of being pets. Dogs are very dependent, they rely on there leader to teach them, clean them, and even feed them.

Wild dogs rely on each other for all this. In order to eat in the wild, dogs will band together to hunt and find food. Compare them with their relative canines: wolves, hyenas, or coyotes. They communicate and let each other know where they are through barks, howls, and cries. They aren't very sneaky, they can't climb or fly, so they must hunt and scavenge all of their food together.

Considering they can't get away, in the situation of them being hunted they must stay and fight. By their self it can still be done, but is of coarse easier with their pack. Also, Dogs nave a great since AT smell Ana can track toner animals Ana smell food from long distances. They are also capable of running long distances which permits them to run down animals in long chases.

In contrast, cats are very independent, they clean, hunt, and learn by themselves. Compare to their relative felines: tigers, Jaguars, panthers, lynx, and even lions.They have large sharp claws, which are retractable and can be used to hunt and/or climb. They can see in the dark, and are very stealthy which (with the combination of their laws) allows them to easily stalk and hunt prey at night as well as in the day if need be.

Once again opposite of the dog, cats are more sprinters then long distance runners, which allows them quickly grab prey after sneaking up on them so they can't run away. They are perfectly made for effectively hunting by themselves. Although cats meow, hiss, and larger cats roar, they do not communicate with each other using them.They supposedly only meow at other animals, and hiss or roar to warn or scare away other animals (or people.

) Also, If cats form groups it more them haring territory than them grouping together. They grow more attached to a territory than each other. Whereas dogs grow more attached to each other than a territory. Another major difference between cats and dogs is the services they can provide to humans. Dogs are the most recognized assistance animal of all, probably because they are so easy to train. There are many different kinds of assistance dogs.

There is the general service dog, which helps those who have limited mobility with things such as providing balance, retrieving items, and even pulling wheelchairs. The guide go, which acts as the eyes of someone who cannot see and as the name entitles, guides them. A hearing dog that assists someone who cannot hear by alerting them to sounds or the presence of people. Alert dogs will respond and alert other people in the case of any bad situations such as a heart attack, or seizure. Dogs are said to have somewhat of a sixth sense and know when something bad is about to happen, like a seizure, and can even alert people before they happen.

Also, people have trained dogs to be rescue animals which have been used in fire departments to pull people out of fires, and squeeze through tight spots humans can't. Their services as rescue dogs have also been used to find people in search and rescue using their good sense of smell and tracking abilities. Cats aren't so easy to train, so they can't, or won't rather, provide much of any services besides being a comfort animal and a fun companion. They are greatly limited to the services they provide by their stubborn attitude, but also their small size and strength.

However, there are some special cases in which cats have been taught to use a phone to alert someone in the case of seizure or heart attack. Some common questions are: Which one is smarter? Which one is more compatible with people? Which would win in a fight? Well, that's a tough decision that varies among everyone. Although the way cats and dogs behave are completely contrasting, each cat and dog have their own personality beyond their natural instincts. The right animal depends on the person. Cats require less maintenance, can take care of themselves, but are almost impossible to train.

Dogs require more maintenance, rely on their owner for a lot, but are easily trained. Where dogs are social creatures they can get a form of separation anxiety if their owner is away for long pergolas AT time. Not to menthol ten owner would nave to letter get someone to let them outside and feed them a few times a day, or pay to leave them in a kennel or daycare, if they leave for longer than a day. When as long as cats are left enough food and water, they will be Just fine for a few days. As far as which is smarter goes, it depends on which statistics your going by or how you look at it.Dogs can remember up to five minutes, and they can't easily survive on their own, but they can be taught easier (which doesn't necessarily mean they learn better.

) Cats memory lasts around 16 hours, they have better common sense of their surroundings, they can easily survive on their own, but they don't take commands very well. So as far as obeying human commands dogs are definitely smarter, but as far as everything else goes cats are smarter. Which would win if they did, or when they do, get the chance to fight? Let's say that both the cat and the dogs are the same size and weight, one on one.The cat would undoubtedly win because they are used to battling alone, they have large laws on all of their paws which they will use, and they have very sharp teeth with strong Jaws.

However, the dog would definitely be the first to stay and fight, and the cat would flee if the dog ever got the upper hand. House cats and pet dogs are usually unmatched in size though. The average dog can weigh anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds, and cats usually don't get over 10. This gives pet dogs the upper hand, but in the wild its quite the opposite. In the wild cats are generally twice the size of coyotes, or smaller wolves.

The most common match up between wild cats and dogs s lions and hyenas. One lion can easily take on up to 4 or 5 hyenas. In conclusion, the reason dogs and cats have had a never ending rivalry is because they are the complete opposite of each other. From how they look, to how they behave contrast each other in every way. Having them as pets is two completely different experiences. Which one is right for the owner depends on the personality of both the pet and the owner.

They act different socially, have completely opposite abilities, and even provide different services. Cats and dogs are truly designed to be opposites.