Do you ever stop to think about all the stereotypes there are? How did it come about that there are stereotypes for men and woman? In society today, there is what they call a stereotypical man and a stereotypical woman.

Let every man be asked his thoughts of a Women (in general), and being that men only see what they want to see, he would surely confess that they are made for men, made to breed little children at home, and made to keep silence.However, let every woman be asked her thoughts about Men (in general), and being that most women see things for what they really are in a perspective point of view, she would say that our society has taught us that a “real” man is strong, courageous, knowledgeable, disciplined, competitive, in control, and unemotional. Stereotypically, men are dependent on woman for satisfying relationships, for child rearing, and of course for the routine home and health maintenance like housekeeping and cooking. Did ways like this just automatically come about?Women turn to men when we need things done.

Men operate the big heavy machinery, they lift the heavy loads, and we need them to kill our spiders. Woman today feel that we should be treated equal, which is true in most cases. Most of the time we aren’t capable to do things that men can do so we have to ask for their assistance. Men were built to be stronger than a woman which is a known fact.

There are things that women can do to change the fact that men are always the stronger ones, muscle-wise anyway.Today, women become big and buff body builders who can tear a man apart. Do you believe that men run our country? What gender has are presidents been? Men play many different roles in society. From generation to generation, these stereotypical men are still playing their roles. Maybe it is not so bad for meant to have such a mentality as they all men do.

Things have been just fine the way they are; man runs country, man handles the dirty work, and man fights our battles. Many men, however, are no longer comfortable with the traditional male role.Emotionally drifting from the stereotypical male role, they are searching for new identity, yet they find few possible alternatives to traditional masculine behavior. I believe that a vision accepted by some of both sexes is that men’s stereotypical behavior result because the power of women.

For that reason, it must change. What about women? Women are good for something. Women cook, clean, stay home, raise children, and go shopping all since the beginning of time. Just because it has seemed as if we were put on this earth to take care of things like this does not mean we couldn’t enjoy it.A lot of woman like to be home doing chores while their husband is out on the job. However, men’s views are changing with the female gender as well.

In a normal household with children and a mom and a dad, who keeps the house spick and span? Mom. Who makes the great home-cooked meals? Mom. This could be classified as number one of the top ten stereotypes for woman. We do not see women running the country, operating big heavy machinery, or killing little itty bitty spiders they find in their kitchen. Women were not brought up that way.

If it were a male gender saying that women weren’t brought up to do things that men could do, what would happen? Women would feel challenged and insulted. Both men and women can become very offended with comments if not addressed properly. So we think to ourselves, “How did stereotypes of men and women come about? ” I believe that over time, men and women created this gender role in society. Today, many woman and even men have become offended by this and switch roles; men can cook and women can be running big time corporations in big cities.

Have you ever heard of the woman being the guy in the relationship? Nowadays it is very common to find a couple in that type of position or role. But while we have people changing roles, society still stays old-fashioned in the way we do things. Their will always be dumb jocks and they’re will always be the stupid blonds. No matter what society will come up with next, woman will always have their original roles in life just like men will always hold a strong place in our world.