Collecting cartoon models One of my favorite hobby I enjoy is collecting cartoon models. Collecting cartoon models is an important thing in my life. I like plastic model and come in pieces, I have to put them together. Plastic model is easier to save, this is why I don’t like glass models. I know model is in my primary school. If I like a cartoon I will collect a model of it. I have spent a long time collecting models. I started to collect models when I was 12 years-old. Near my primary school there is a model shop, where you can see many types of models. The owner has more than 3000 models in the shop because he likes models too.

He is my friend now. My first model was bought in this shop. I bought a small size, it’s not expensive, but that is my favorite one. Every models I will spend a lot of times to search it, which standing is my favorite, which size is the best one. If I want buy a model, maybe I will prepare a long time. For example, I love Doraemon, he look like a blue cat, but no ears, because a mouse ate his ears, he is a robot. He has a younger sister, and he has many friends, the best one name’s Da Xiong, is Doraemon’s owner, he is very timid boy, but Doraemon always help him.

I have more than hundred models about this cartoon, I have Da Xiong, Jing Xiang, Pang Hu, Xiao Fu, and Doraemon’s younger sister Dorami. My mother knows this hobby when I am 14 years-old, because I told her I want bought a display case, so I have a very big display case, it’s a glass one. The case has 7 shelves, it is tall than me, I think it can put 6 person like me in my display case, it is very big. I put my models in the display case, it must be very carefully. Because if you not carefully the models maybe will break or change their standing.

Collecting models is fun thing to do, it is interesting for me. I like to assembly them by myself. It makes me happy and calm, the reason is because I need pay attention when I do it. When you assembling models and at the same time you try to do another thing, your models maybe can’t do like you want, you will have error, and make your models break. I have more than a thousand models, the biggest one is tall 115cm, like a person; the middle size needs more time to assembly them, because the middle size is easier than other ize to assembly it, they are the most complex; and the smallest size, you can put them on desk or car dashboard. I can change models color or standing, some models you can paint them by yourself, when you buy the models, in the packing box maybe they give you tools to paint. I like paint my models, but I am not a good painter. Collecting cartoon models is a fun hobby for me, I really enjoy it, it’s not easy for a beginner. If you just a beginner, maybe you don’t know how to deal some part, which part put together and use which color. That is a big problem.

But when you start to assembly models, I am sure you will love it, because you accomplish a model by yourself, it can give you a chance to help you build your confidence, maybe you will say, “Look! I am the winner, I can complete it by myself! ” If you want buy a model you like, you need search for them in many model stores, because at that time, model isn’t very popular in China, you need ask other and find the model stores, maybe the shop is in some small road, you may spend a lot of time searching for models and the way, if you want to have as many models as me. But it’s still fun for me after all these years. [pic]