1.1. BackgroundEnglish is one of foreign language for Indonesian students that must be learnt in school since Kindergarten level until University level. English teaching involves of four language skills, they are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In teaching and learning a language, there are four aspects that support four language skills above such as grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation that are also thought in English teaching and learning process.

Vocabulary is one of important aspect in teaching language. Teaching vocabulary to young learners is not easy, because we must know the character of young learner especially young learner likes study while playing and young learner very difficult to remember the English words. Young learner will easy to remember the word if they look a picture. So, cartoon picture is effective media to teaching vocabulary for young learner. The use of cartoon picture for improving the vocabulary learning has been one of the most popular ways of teaching English.

Using cartoon picture is one of teaching aids that teacher depend in their teaching young learner. Harmer (2001:134) states that “teachers have always used pictures or graphics whether drawn, taken from books, newspapers and magazines, or photographs to facilitate learning”. Cartoon picture can make student pay attention and understanding the word. And student will happy with study. And the word can easier to remember.1.

2. Aims of the study This study was conducted to do the following: 1.To analyze the effectiveness teaching vocabulary by using cartoon picture 2.To analyze the students’ memory of English vocabulary when using cartoon picture1.3. Problem identification The English teacher has to be able to organize teaching and learning activities.

They have to give material by using suitable techniques effectively. Especially in learning vocabulary, teachers must make the student memorize the English word. Its mean vocabulary is important to try and teachers must find the most effective way to teach it. There are many problems of language teaching that can be identified as research subject.

The writer will discuss about methods, material selection and others. In this research will identify teaching techniques in elementary school student grade 1. And writer wants to make a study about how teach vocabulary for elementary school student grade 1.1.4.

Limitation of the problem To avoid misunderstanding it is necessary to make limitation of the problem. The writer will give limitation of the problem in teaching vocabulary by using cartoon picture especially in “NOUN”.1.5. Statement of the problem The writer will see cartoon picture’s media encourage students’ vocabulary mastery.

The statement of the problem can be formulated into research question: 1. How effective is the use of cartoon picture in teaching vocabulary to young learner? 2. How well the cartoon pictures encourage young learner’s vocabulary mastery?1.6. Scope of the study The writer will analyze teaching vocabulary through image cartoon to young learner.

This will be report of an observation conduct for students grade 1 at SD IT AL-MUHAJIRIN Jambi City.1.7. The significance of the study The result of this research will be useful for teachers of young learner.

To help them improve their performance in teaching.1.8. Research Methodology This research use qualitative research. This research analyze teaching vocabulary through cartoon picture and explain how effectiveness this method that use by teacher.This chapter discuss about vocabulary which consists of the meaning of vocabulary and the use of vocabulary.

Then picture which consists of the meaning of the picture and the use of picture. And the last is SD IT Al-Muhajirin Profile.2.1. Vocabulary The word vocabulary generally represents the summary of words of their combination in a particular language. Hatch and Brown (1995:1) define vocabulary as a list or set of words for a particular language or a list or set of word that individual speakers of language might use.

Vocabulary teaching is one of the most important components of any language class. The main reason is the fact that it is a medium, which carries meaning learning to understand and express the meaning is what counts in learning language. There has been increased focus on teaching vocabulary recently, partly as a result of “the development of new approaches to language teaching, which are much more ‘word-centered’.” (Thornbury 2004:vi) Young children learn vocabulary related to the different concepts they are learning. When children learn numbers or colors in their native languages, they are adding concepts as well as vocabulary items.