Today’s teens are bombarded with images and activities that don't mirror their lives from hit teen-TV shows like "The OC" and "Gossip Girl" to the multitude of entertainment programs and features in magazines. Today's media obsessed society often leads students to believe all they need to 'be cool' is be thin, blonde and wear the latest designer clothes. The UGLY program aims to help young adults self-esteem by using celebrities, as they know that young people look up to celebrities and their identity is reflected on them. Sometimes this is a good thing and other times it is a bad thing and this is why celebrities need to function as a role model to their audience because of today's celebrity-obsessed society. I plan to expand this theory and reasons behind the celebrity-obsessed society. Celebrities now know that they have a function as a role model to their fans if they want to keep their celebrity status. They have a responsibility now, that celebrities did not have many years ago. The mass media however, play a big part in this as, if the celebrity is not read about then society will loose interest in them and move on to the next influence. The media can make or break a celebrity and can form a celebrity out of nothing. They also play a big part in exposing celebrities and finding out 'who they really are'. This is another reason our society is so interested in celebrities to show that they are 'just like us'. And celebrities know that any exposure is good exposure and sometimes will try and get into the tabloid newspapers as much as possible as this then can improve their careers as a celebrity. Whereas other celebrity's like to rebel as they are uninterested in their celebrity status but all celebrities can function as role models and this can be bad for their young fans. Today's mass media society gives reasons why what we read or what we see on television has become our main influence into the world. We watch news and we read the news and we believe what we are told with no questions asked and this is how the media can choose what they discuss on television without the public questioning whether the information is correct or not. Luckily with the invention of the internet we can find alternative news stories discussing different opinions on the subjects if need be. Celebrities are also shown a lot in fashion and gossip magazine's but, instead of being 'exposed' are shown at their best and informing the public what dress they are wearing or what designer they are sporting. This is also an influence in society but is good for the role model function of celebrities. There are good and bad role models in society. Some were once good role models turned bad and then from bad to good. This is all from the media exposure of their lifestyles. Certain celebrities that are recent high interest in the media are celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Wine house. All these celebrities came about through music but are now just a common face in society and the media and are not so much discussed as their musical talents. A lot of these celebrities act as role models to children and young people and when the media influences them for instance Amy Wine house and drugs it can reflect bad on them. Charlotte Church has grown up in the media eye and children have modeled themselves on her but yet again the media try to portray her as someone bad. Children's presenters or child celebrities need to be very careful about the way they go about their everyday lives. Children and young adults influence themselves on celebrities so much and with the media exposing and being interested in their everyday lives it's harder to keep things secret if they do something bad or have a bad habit. In my essay I want to discuss certain news stories from children's role models that have changed perceptions and that may change the way their fans think as people. This can be very dangerous for future society.