1.1 Description of Amber Chia

According to Yee (2011), Amber Chia has a share of a company running a modeling class, called the Amber Chia Academy (ACA). When Amber Chia was 17, she had already thought of pursuing her career in modeling and now she became one of the most famous Asian model in Malaysia. She had been through all these before getting married at the age of 28. Her career is not being interrupted while she is having her wonderful family managed so well. Besides that, she also was appointed as an ambassador for Guess Watches back in 2004 which apparently boosted up the sales and being a lot more extraordinary than the other models.

This has won her international recognition. Her outstanding performance, charming smile, and positive attitude towards life created many fans from all around the world (Ho, 2011). She has sufficient qualifications to present herself as a healthy, cool and brave person to keep striving for her modeling career, business, and as well as her family. She has taken part in many companies as their brand ambassador such as Sony, Pensonic, Mitsubishi and Nokia (Chew 2012).

1.2 Description of Nike Brand

Gowda (2010) states that Nike is an incorporated company that markets and designs footwear, equipments, accessories, and apparels. Nike has been being thought as active, and taking good roles in supporting, sponsoring and creating sports events such as Nike Prefontaine Classic. “Nike is also the official sponsor for the Indian cricket team, sponsors famous soccer clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Valencia, Inter Milan and Juventus, various minor events including Hoop It Up (high school basketball) and The Golden West Invitational”(Lou, 2010). Nike’s wears are all representing healthy, sports style and get fit physically and mentally. Nike has one of the most famous and “courage” brand slogan of all time, “Just Do It”. This brings out a can-do attitude, daring, challenge the limit, and being active (Soloman, 1998).

2.0 Recent Celebrity Endorsement Activities

2.1 Celebrity Fitness Amber was a celebrity endorser of Celebrity Fitness and she visited the gym almost twice a week. Syazana (cited in Chia, 2012) claims that it is her job to maintain her weight in order to look good in her career. Amber Chia put up much effort in regular exercise in Celebrity Fitness just to maintain her body shape and skin tone (Syazana, 2010) 2.2 S2 Slimming

Amber Chia is now the celebrity endorser for S2 Slimming, a renowned beauty and health consulting firm. With Chia’s well-maintained body shape, S2 Slimming company made a good decision to recruit Chia as their main ambassador. Amber Chia gave birth to her baby boy, and very soon she coped up in few months time to slim down back to the previous nice body curve. Chia started a slimming treatment called the S2 Slimming's SuperMom Post-natal treatment after delivered her baby; her weight impressively has been dropped from 69.5kg to 55kg in just 1 month time. S2 Slimming believes that “true health comes from balanced body, mind and soul”.

S2 uses both modern science technology and traditional meditation method to encourage an internal and external metamorphosis, recovering the original harmony of one’s soul, like a newborn infant. S2 provides variety of specialties such as manual fat drainage, navel care therapy, drainage massage, spot contouring, body exfoliation, sparking diamond care, and also body massage. These methods are their uniqueness to ensure success in their precious customers. Chia has the passion and dedication as well as the can-do attitude just exactly like Nike’s concept, undergone this treatment and slimmed down immediately even though it really took hard work and commitment.

3.0 The Background Theories

3.1 Apply of the 4Ps

3.1.1 Product Using Amber Chia as the spokesperson allows the existing and non-existing customers to get certain assurance as the Asian supermodel is the brand ambassador of the Nike. Customers purchase Nike products, could be of the reliability and quality of the product which Amber Chia is wearing. Customers would buy Nike products simply because of the comfort feel, and brand guarantee. Furthermore, customers would buy Nike products because of the style, pattern and uniqueness design of the Nike, especially the logo, “the tick”. Nike provides various colours and types of sports shoes, apparels and equipments that cater to every single customer’s wants.

3.1.2 Place

Nike sells its products through numerous ways, such as stores, websites and the retail partners (Nike official webpage). Nike almost has at least one store at every shopping complex which makes it easy and convenient for the regular shoppers to seek for Nike products with no obstacles. According to Stimpert (2012) buyers who prefer staying at home could make an effort to purchase it through Nike online website or any other partners’ websites. Other than that, buyers can visit any of its retail partners’ store as it increases the availability of the Nike products. The new products or the products that Amber Chia is enhancing in any advertisements should be placed in the centre of attraction of the store, or in the main page of Nike website (Zaid, 2010).

3.1.3 Price

Every customer needs a reliable and could withstand pressure, heat and so on. Therefore, Nike produces good quality products at the minimum cost production to ensure every customer could afford at least one Nike product (Deryugin, 2011). Certainly, the new arrivals should to be marked as higher price compared to the old stocks to ensure value buy for the customers. The price of the product that Chia promoted should be marked up. So that customers would feel unique and a sense of satisfaction when they purchase a higher price product from Nike. On the other hand, Nike could put up discounts and selected sales items to lower down the prices in certain festive seasons to clear stocks while getting better response in the market.

3.1.4 Promotions

Amber Chia was born in Malaysia which makes her a local citizen. Choosing her as a Nike ambassador would benefit from it simply because if Chia’s promoting Nike, an international brand would make the Malaysians to have a sense of belongings and made it more patriotic, therefore get supported. As Chia is being so famous in Asian country, it easily can attract her own fans to purchase Nike products because loyal fans of Chia soon become Nike loyal customers.

Nike can make Amber Chia in an advertisement to create brand awareness in the selected regions. Furthermore, to reduce cost, it is effective to use Amber Chia to voice up in radio station at a specific time to transmit Nike awareness to the public at an appropriate period such as festive seasons. Not to mention that Amber Chia will be the public relation of Nike, the brand image of Nike, as Chia is giving the healthy, reliable and fashion impression to the customers, customers would feel the assurance of wearing Nike products. Nike can also have Amber Chia in a kind of ceremony to make an autograph or catwalk in Nike wears sessions to allow everyone knows that she is the Nike ambassador, and make her wear Nike products to seek public attention. Nike can also use billboards as a marketing tool to enhance awareness in the public at selected regions to ensure lowest expense but the highest effectiveness.

4.0 Evaluation

Apparently Amber Chia is a strong and ambitious woman to take on challenge, active, healthy in body physical and mental, and outstanding. She even has her own modeling academy. Her performance wins many fans’ heart and this definitely matches to what Nike’s intentions. Nike is an outgoing, active and exercise style which indeed fits Amber Chia. She has even been to Celebrity Fitness to gym and kept her healthy and nice body shape (Syazana, 2012). Besides that, she was also an official ambassador for Celebrity Fitness, a renowned gym centre (Lim 2009). Her enthusiasm to becoming well-tuned in her body shape surely makes her a good Nike spokesperson. It is reasonable that Chia was to be chosen as the Nike ambassador as her determination to stay fit starts from exercising in order to look presentable in her career.